WEB Programming

Complex web programming services for any type of project, PHP + HTML + CSS + JS.

  • Our priority is to understand your business like ours would be.
  • We have substantial experience in custom projects and we are always delighted in taking a new one.
  • Web Development in our view is an essential component compatibility between customer requirements and our professional principles.
  • Through quality web programming services offered in limited hours we ensure that we deliver your project exactly as you imagined.

Demo - Artificial traffic generating software on websites

CRM (CRM integration)

Customers management complex systems. Manage data, documents and information related to clients in an organized manner through a single platform.

Sales Management

Module dedicated to managing the sales process to streamline the sales department and monitoring activities. Leads, contacts, history talks, conversion rates, etc.

Employees activity monitoring

Centralized monitor system for employee activity. Possibility of placing and tracking tasks, clocking data, measuring the efficiency of employee or department level.


Billing component is fundamental to any company. Therefore, a storage module and management of bills and receipts become indispensable no matter the type of business.

Scanning and data acquisition

Goods, Prices, Photos - any public information in the online environment can be scanned and taken in for analysis of the relevant market. Advanced tools of web scraping (scanning and data acquisition).

Monitoring competitive prices

Positioning your business in an advantageous position compared to competitors depends largely on the analysis of prices competition. PriceScan is specialized in scanning online stores.


Personalized features

An "open source" software meets partially your needs, without having the opportunity to change it. Instead, a customized application is ideally suited to your business.

Easy use and administration

We provide platforms with intuitive administration panel for easy management of information specific to your activity.

Unlimited development

The customized applications that we develop allows adding additional functionalies to adapt your business in permanent evolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for all your questions:



How do we start working?

After signing the contract and the agreed down payment is done, the Project Manager will administrate the customer - company relationship transparently, across all phases of the project .



How do I monitor the work process?

Our internal tasks and data management application, XFactorApp, will allow you to access the platform where you will be able to view reports regarding your project status.



How long it takes the project to be completed?

The standard delivery period can be increased from 30 days to several months, depending on the complexity of the project.



What happens if you want additional functionalities?

Additional functionalities that were not included in the original estimate of the project will be charged separately based on a price per hour.