TAXI APP, Android & iOS Mobile App for Taxi Companies

  • Mobile applications dedicated to ordering and taking over taxis have become indispensable for customers who use this type of transport in the city. Simple command system, route transparency and cost are extremely appealing for users, so these applications are the main way through which a taxi is required.
  • Taxi companies can no longer avoid this solution if they want to place themselves in the current trends of connecting customers through their mobile applications. The ride-sharing and taxi industry has become dependent on new IT technologies and is forced to use them to ensure that it remains relevant in the market.
  • The application proposes two major components which forms it: The first component is dedicated to customers and contains specific functionalities (map, taking-over location, time estimation, cost estimate, etc.). The second component is intended for drivers who runs transport journeys with modules to help them (location map, real-time route, order pick-up, etc.)


Client mode

Possibility to create an account, login and administration details (addresses, payments, orders). Notifications regarding the order status or the estimated time of arrival.

Push Notification

Useful alerts for promotions, offers, costs or race progress. You can keep your customers close with constant notifications.

GPS mode

Real-time view of car's route and taking over the coordinates to establish the pick-up location and the destination.

Order system

Display results on various criteria: rating, price, details. How the driver transmits and picks up the order.

Order pick-up system

The driver module allows it to take orders based on proximity or to choose the ones he wants.

Route Configuration

Displaying the pick-up point on the map and configure the route from the client to the destination via Waze or Google Maps.

System for Accepting/Refusing Order

The driver has the possibility to accept or refuse the order that is assigned to it automatically. If he refused three times, the order it will be allocated to the dispatcher.

Dashboard Administration

Module for users and orders administration. Possibility to create account for drivers and real-time integration with the mobile application.


Module dedicated to managing orders that have not been retrieved by the drivers which are on the field. These are distributed by the administrator through an intuitive management approach.


Custom application

The application modules can be further supplemented by any functionality that you want to improve workflow.

Support and training

We offer all the information necessary to use and manage the application throughout its development.

Safety and guarantee

After the project is completed and handed over, it enters the warranty period during which we correct the possible errors and requests.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to all of your questions:



How do we start the collaboration?

After signing the contract and paying the advance, the client-company relationship will be managed by a project manager who will manage transparently all stages of the project.



How do I monitor the workflow?

The internal task management application allows the client to access the XFactorApp platform, having the opportunity to view information on the status of the project implementation.



How long does the project complete?

Depending on the complexity of the application, the standard delivery time may increase from 30 days to several months.



What happens if I want additional features?

Additional features not included in the initial estimate of the project will be additionally charged on an hourly basis.

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