Web Programming

We deliver personalized and high quality solutions in web programming. Regardless of your requirements and objectives, we focus on developing high-performance and functional web solutions.

  • Our priority is to understand your business as ours.
  • We have substantial experience in custom project and we are always delighted in taking new ones.
  • Through our web programming services we meet customers' unique demands while invariably staying within time and budget limits.
  • We are ready to tackle any web-based programming requirement you may have and take pride in our ability to satisfy your business flow and enhance user experience.
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CRM (CRM integration)

This module is managing manage data, documents and information related to clients in an organized manner through a single platform.

Sales Management

This module is managing the sales process for streamlining and monitoring the sales department's activities. Leads, contacts, conversation history, conversion rates.

Employee monitoring software

Track the performance and productivity of the employee. Place and track tasks, clocking data, measure the efficiency of the employee or department.


Billing is fundamental to any company. Therefore, a storage module and management of bills and receipts become indispensable no matter the type of business.

Scanning and data acquisition

Goods, Prices, Photos or any public information in the online environment can be scanned and taken in for analysis of the relevant market. Advanced tools of web scraping (scanning and data acquisition).

Competitor price monitoring

A competitor price tracking and monitoring software for all sizes of e‑commerce companies it's an important tool for your organization when it comes to making important pricing decisions.


Personalized features

An open source software meet partially your needs. Instead, we can deliver you a successful solution that accord with all the specified requirements.

Easy Admin Panel

We make it easy for our customers to manage and maintain their projects thanks to our Easy Admin Panel.

Unlimited development

Customized applications allows adding additional functionalities in order to keep up with your business evolution.

Web Programming

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