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Taxi Capitol" is a mobile application developed with the purpose of providing users the ability to easily and quickly order a taxi directly from their mobile phones. This advanced application is available for both customers and drivers, ensuring an integrated and seamless experience for all involved users.

The application's advanced GPS location system is a strong point, accurately identifying the customer's and driver's locations. This enables quick and efficient assignment of an available taxi, ensuring a prompt and satisfactory ordering experience for customers. Furthermore, the application integrates an internal messaging system, facilitating quick and easy communication between customers, drivers, and the dispatch center.

Through this optimized communication system, users are updated in real-time about order statuses and can interact directly with drivers, enhancing the ordering experience. Taxi Capitol brings significant benefits for customers, allowing them to quickly order a taxi, check their order history and payments, as well as for drivers and the dispatch center.

Through this application, drivers benefit from a flexible order assignment system and efficient communication with customers and the dispatch center. The admin panel provides access to relevant statistics and enables quick order placement, ensuring efficient management of the entire operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Account creation with email and password for customers and drivers (including Facebook), enabling users to manage orders and personal information securely and in a personalized manner.
  • Order history for customers, displaying past orders and the option to view the route on the map. Order placement system for customers, capturing the current location and allowing input of departure location, selection from favorite addresses, and filtering options based on specific needs.
  • Driver's journey display to the pickup point and a phone call button to the driver for customers, facilitating direct communication and interaction.
  • Email and password authentication for drivers and the ability for manual penalties (bans) to ensure effective management of active drivers within the application.
  • Available/Unavailable status activation for order assignment and in-progress order screen for drivers, displaying location and route information to optimize order flow.
  • Interactive dashboard for the dispatch center, with relevant graphs and statistics for activity, including order numbers and sources, application-detected issues, order trends, customers, and drivers.
  • Real-time map for the dispatch center, showing driver locations, unassigned orders, and allowing filtering and notifications to users for efficient fleet management.
  • Dispatch center for order placement and integration with the phone system (TAPI protocol) for quick order capture and management.
  • Order history for the dispatch center, with search options and data visualization for efficient tracking of activity.

General Advantages:

  1. Taxi Capitol stands out with its simple and user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless navigation for all involved users - customers, drivers, and the dispatch center.
  2. This user-centered approach contributes to increased customer satisfaction and easy application use.
  3. Utilizing the advanced GPS location system, the application quickly identifies the customer's and driver's locations, facilitating swift assignment of an available taxi. As a result, customers can efficiently order a taxi, saving time and avoiding delays.
  4. Integration of an internal messaging system allows quick and efficient communication between customers, drivers, and the dispatch center. This feature provides real-time updates on order statuses and facilitates direct interaction among users, enhancing the ordering experience.
  5. Through the application, drivers benefit from a flexible order assignment system, enabling them to efficiently choose and manage orders. This flexibility optimizes driver activity and contributes to better customer service.
  6. The interactive dashboard for the dispatch center provides access to relevant statistics and up-to-date company activity information. Both customers and drivers, as well as the dispatch center, have access to detailed order histories. This functionality enables route tracking, visualization of relevant data, and improvement of future ordering experiences.


Taxi Capitol has created an innovative and efficient solution that allows users to easily and quickly order a taxi directly from their mobile phones. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, the application offers a simple and smooth experience for both customers and drivers, as well as the dispatch center. With precise GPS location and seamless communication, "Taxi Capitol" benefits from a complete and modern solution, strengthening its relationship with customers and enhancing efficiency in the transportation market.

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