Say Cheese - Android and iOS Application for Promoting Traditional Products
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Say Cheese! CJ is a revolutionary application that will open the doors to the authentic cheese universe of Cluj County, connecting you directly with passionate producers from the region.

The main interface, characterized by a modern and user-friendly design, provides easy access to core functionalities: exploring the map of producers, detailed listings, advanced filtering options, and an informative section.

At the producer level, Say Cheese! CJ offers the freedom to navigate based on various criteria, such as milk type or activity period. For each producer, you'll find a well-structured page that highlights essential details, location, and an impressive photo gallery.

Another strong point of the application is its advanced search and filtering system, ensuring that each user can quickly find their desired producer. For those curious about the story behind Say Cheese! CJ, the informational section outlines the mission and vision, providing contact details as well. To ensure an up-to-date environment and support for producers, Say Cheese! CJ is equipped with an efficient admin panel, facilitating updates and platform monitoring.

Technical Specifications:

  • Multi-platform Compatibility: The Say Cheese! CJ application is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Intuitive Map Interface: The homepage integrates a map of producers in Cluj County, with specific pins for each producer and identification of the user's current location.
  • Viewing Options: Users can choose between a standard map view or a satellite mode for a more detailed experience.
  • Advanced Filtering: A wide selection of filters to cater to diverse preferences, including the type of milk used and the producer's activity period.
  • Detailed Producer Listings: A section where users can see a list of producers, with names, localities, areas, specific icons, and distance from the user's current location.
  • Efficient Search: A keyword search functionality that takes users directly to producers that match their criteria.
  • Producer Page: Each producer has a dedicated page displaying the name, product type, activity period, location, and a link for directions in Google Maps. Additionally, the page includes contact information and a photo gallery or a "virtual tour."
  • Direct Interaction with Producers: Users can directly call producers from the app using the "Call" option.
  • Admin Panel: A robust and versatile backend interface to ensure updates, producer management, and overall app monitoring.

General Advantages:

  1. Users can explore cheese producers directly on the map.
  2. The advanced filtering system allows users to find exactly what they want, giving them the ability to customize searches based on preferences.
  3. Say Cheese! CJ detects the user's location and presents producers based on proximity.
  4. A detailed page for each producer offers all essential information and the possibility of direct interaction. Using cutting-edge technologies, we have included the option to add virtual tours for each producer, offering users a 360° perspective of the location.
  5. Say Cheese! CJ comes with a powerful admin panel that facilitates consistent content management and updates.


Say Cheese! CJ aims to bring multiple benefits and enrich the user experience through an innovative and personalized approach. With a clear mission to facilitate the connection between consumers and local producers, our application has been developed to meet the needs and desires of each individual user. Say Cheese! CJ is much more than an app – it's a window into the authenticity, community, and cheese culinary culture of Cluj County.

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