CLASSIFIED SITE, Web Aplication for Ads manangement

Web Aplication for Ads manangement

  • Such an application represents an affordable web-based advertising solution for sale-purchase ads through a similar OLX-based website. 
  • Has classical features like: account system, online payment method, interactive chatting between users, listing ads by category.
  • This website may be the start for any entrepreneur eager to enter the online advertising market.
  • The different types of accounts can be allocated according to the purpose of the user in the platform: the provider who wants to promote his business / service through the site or the classic user who is looking for these services / products.
  • The Dashboard of the website provides compelling reports on the ads performance by category, centralizes relevant revenue data, and manages the payment packages offered to customers.


Automatic Location Setting

The application allows you to locate ip-based or browser-based locations and display results according to the user's location.

Advanced search system

Through relevant attributes and filters, can be made relevant searches within unlimited categories and ads.

Interactive Chat System

Chat allows users to interact by exchanging messages, files, or images in real-time.

Interactive Design

Users can quickly access or navigate among the ads categories, payment packages, or account system.

Dashboard with statistics

The administration panel provides relevant data on user activity, earnings, or payment status.

Promotional package mode

Management system for promotional packages with rights or limitations depending on the purchased package.

Account system

Users can create an account according to their purpose on the platform: a provider (if he wants to promote his services) or a user (if he wants to search for ads).

Online payment

Users can pay for promotional packages through the platform on a secure online payment processor page.

Ad Details

The ad's page provides all the necessary details the user needs: photo gallery, description, location on the map, price, etc.



The solution is already developed and tested, so the costs involved become lower and affordable.

Bonus Functions

Features like the "favorites" system in your user profile or share on social networks are provided Free within the project.


Throughout the project, the customer has technical support for the use of the platform and extracted information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to all of your questions:



How do we start the collaboration?

After signing the contract and paying the advance, the client-company relationship will be managed by a project manager who will manage transparently all stages of the project.



How do I monitor the workflow?

The internal task management application allows the client to access the XFactorApp platform, having the opportunity to view information on the status of the project implementation.



How long does the project complete?

Depending on the complexity of the application, the standard delivery time may increase from 30 days to several months.



What happens if I want additional features?

Additional features not included in the initial estimate of the project will be additionally charged on an hourly basis.