Management software for educational institutions

Electronic catalogue for managing school situation

  • Online catalogue dedicated to planning and organizing activity in educational institutions. Modern and efficient application for school administration, for the permanent management of classes and school materials, teachers, students and parents.
  • The system allows administration by counties, cities, localities, areas or sections. A flexible electronic catalogue that can be managed on educational institutions or classes. In the system, student distribution can be done depending on class, school materials can be distributed according to the class, and the optional materials can be set for each student.
  • Ideal school management application who allows a fast introduction of grades and absences of students. The software generates complete reports of the children's school situation and notifies parents by email or SMS about their evolution.
  • The computer system allows authentication or double authentication based on CNP/Registration No. This online catalogue can be configured and customized to meet the specific administrative needs of any educational institution. Through its complex structure, the application manages all data regardless of the flow of students and ​teachers.
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Monitoring students/teachers

Permanent evidence of student situation, managing teachers, classes, distribution students/school materials depending on class

User interface

The system includes data management software, specific modules, and interface for users

Report system

For a clear school evidence, the application generates reports with student grades and absences

Fast grading system

A complex process, a fast introduction of grades and absences, and absences motivation

Record grades and absencese

Careful monitoring grades and absences for a clear, evidence and combating absenteeism

Authentication Module

Authentication, possibly double authentication: CNP or Registration Number and SMS on your parent's phone

Interactive app

Permanent communication between school, teachers, students and parents throughout the educational process

SMS/Email notifications

Parents are constantly informed through notifications about the school activities of the children


Ensuring privacy through private connection and protecting confidential information about students


Permanent feedback

Constant information received or transmitted by teachers/parents contributes effectively to the child's educational progress

Reliable solution

The online catalogue ensures a perfect data management, eliminates bureaucracy, organizes efficiently the activity of educational institutions


School administration app that can be personalized according to the specific requirements of each institution

Structured management

Data management by different segments and categories, options set at the class level or for each student

Management software for educational institutions

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