Software solution for private parking lot management

Private parking lot software

  • Our parking management software solution is streamlining daily parking management, locations and contracts, centralizes all the data, documents and history of such a business on a single platform.
  • Modules such as cost management, customer management, rental management are some of the software's options, just as essential to fleet management as the others.
  • The Interactive Dashboard with dynamic information provides an overview of the business and synthesizes perfectly all the data that may be required by the manager or administrator.
  • The alert system automates the notification process and communicates directly with the customer at predefined intervals to notify them.


Intuitive interface

The application has a very intuitive and user-friendly way to display and manage the modules.


The application can be accessed from any location and on any device, just needing internet connection to run.

Low Costs

Very low maintenance costs compared to a desktop application. Maintenance can be done very simply and quickly.

Automation of activity

The main purpose of the application is to automate all the internal processes within the company and the specific activity.

Custom development

Being a customized application, it can be further developed in any direction desired by the beneficiary with different modules and functionalities.

Data Integration

The software allows importing data from an external source so that the history of the pre-application information is not lost.

Interactive Dashboard

The application displays in the first page a summary of the most important information in the platform so that it can be quickly viewed by administrators or operators.

Reporting Module

The application extracts extremely useful reports on the sales situation through evolution charts. The data can be filtered according to the parameters you want.

Export Information

Most platform listings can be exported in different formats (excel, pdf, csv) and saved to the device. These lists can represent both clients and contracts issued or contracts to expire.


Safety and Warranty

The software solution is an integrated one, which is optimally running and used in various profile companies.


Despite the complexity of the application, it requires a low starting price, which may vary depending on various modules.

Centralization of information

The platform centralizes in one place all data related to this business, from documents to customers.

Software solution for private parking lot management

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