Mobile Application and Medical Clinic Management Software

Experience and Innovation in Developing Applications for Medical Clinics

We pride ourselves on developing advanced software solutions, dedicated to optimizing and streamlining processes in medical clinics.

With extensive experience in this field, we dedicate ourselves to creating customized applications that meet the specific needs of each clinic.

Key benefits of our applications:

  • Improved Efficiency in Patient Scheduling: Our applications facilitate a fluid appointment system, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction. They allow patients to schedule and manage their visits online in a convenient and accessible manner
  • Accessibility and Mobility: We offer mobile and web applications that allow easy access for both medical staff and patients. This means appointments and information can be accessed from anywhere, contributing to better coordination and communication
  • Data Security: Security and confidentiality of data are of utmost importance in the medical field. Our applications are designed with the highest security standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive patient information
  • Advanced Customization: We understand that each clinic has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customizable software solutions that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of each clinic.
  • Support and Maintenance: We commit to providing exceptional technical support and maintenance services, ensuring the optimal functioning of applications and adapting to technological changes

We are dedicated to excellence in developing software solutions for medical clinics. We take pride in our ability to integrate cutting-edge technology into medical services, thus contributing to the improvement of the experience for both medical staff and patients.

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Service Module

Description and “Request Appointment” Option (with or without account): select date and time, field for entering additional details if necessary

Subscription Module

Ability to send requests for purchasing personalized subscriptions (with or without account)

Add Appointment Module

Option to send appointment requests to the clinic using a subscription or paying for the services

Push Notifications and Automated Emails

Reminder alerts for the date and time of the appointment, exhaustion of services included in the subscription, appointment summary

Doctors Module

First name, last name, specialization, clinic, photo, about, courses and awards, schedule. Option to request an appointment with the respective doctor.

Chat Section for Support

Real-time conversations between doctors and clients depending on the services or subscription purchased. Real-time notifications for new messages.

Virtual Clinic Section

Option to schedule in the virtual clinic through online consultation. Integration with Teams / Zoom.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboard displaying information such as: number of mobile users, number of appointment requests, predefined period selector

Adding and Managing System

Doctors, specializations, services, packages. Specializations, services, and doctors will be entered through the management system


Improved Efficiency in Appointments

Applications allow patients to schedule their visits online, thereby reducing waiting time and optimizing the workflow of the clinical staff

Access to Real-Time Data

Medical staff can quickly and easily access patients' medical history and other relevant information, improving the quality of medical services

Integration with Other Systems

Applications can be integrated with other systems and equipment in the clinic, creating a connected and efficient ecosystem for all components

Centralized Data Management

Centralizing medical and administrative data on a single platform improves resource management and administrative efficiency

Mobile Application and Medical Clinic Management Software

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