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Web hosting on dedicated servers. Regular back-ups of data for increased security.

On web hosting services market, which is in continuous expansion, the multiplicity of companies and the diversity of offers determine companies to differentiate themselves by general attitude towards clients and the industry, and especially by the displayed professionalism.

Xfactorapp is aware and watches domestic business as an opportunity in which it can develop and improve all its types of services. In an IT climate suitable for performance, online site hosting becomes an extremely important component in all this assembly, so by competitive prices and advantageous packages  we manage to retain customers who are looking for such services.

In addition to professional web hosting services we recommend the cloud, the most reliable data storage solution online. Find out more details about the way here.

We owe our own servers wich are monitored 24/7. This way, the chances of occurrence of security breaches are decreased. Even if our servers are extremely strong, they keep a low charge level.

Characteristics that define our work in this sector of web services are:

- involvement in the specifications required by customers;

- prompt response to requests;

- immediate intervention in situations requiring urgent fixes;

- high level of information security;

Last but not least, we offer stability, speed of intervention and support to each client.

The whole Xfactorapp team has advanced expertise in servers, databases, cPanel, MySQL, e-mail hosting and devote to their activity principles that led the company since its foundation: professionalism, seriousness, commitment and adaptation to customer needs.

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