FOOD DELIVERY APP, Mobile Home Delivery Apps for restaurants.

Food Delivery Mobile App IOS & Android


  • All restaurants that provide home delivery services need a mobile app through which users can order as quickly and easily as possible the desired products. Developing such an application involves important resources, but the result is one that will consistently reward direct beneficiaries.
  • The added benefit of XFactorApp's application to others is the ability of the customer to view in real time the position of the shipper over his home and to be able to estimate the time as accurately as possible. In addition to this information, it receives constant updates with order status, delivery time, and alert when the vendor arrives.
  • The application has both IOS and Android compatible versions and is divided into two main components: the client application through which it can perform commands and the application for the vendor through which the orders can be retrieved and transmitted to the set location.
  • More details can be found in the description of such a project completed and currently used by the client 


Management mode

The system allows you to manage products, orders, customers, payment methods, customer locations, operators, or receipts.

Account system

The application allows registration and authentication of users based on an email address and a password in their personal account.

Geolocation system

The application automatically identifies the customer's location and sets its delivery address in relation to the address of the restaurant.

Order status and delivery

Real-time view of the supplier's location on the map according to the model of the UBER application or those used by the taxi companies.

Delivery Module

Orders are displayed within the application so that they can be retrieved by operators to be transported to the customer's location.

View command

The application sends the coordinates of the customer location to the vendor so that the order progress can be followed in real time.


Reduced costs

The mobile solution is already implemented and tested, so development costs become affordable.

Support and training

We provide consultancy and support throughout the project for a more efficient collaboration.

Personalized application

The mobile application is custom, so it can be further developed with any functionality desired by the client.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to all of your questions:



How do we start the collaboration?

After signing the contract and paying an agreed advance together, the client-company relationship will be managed by a project manager who will manage transparently all stages of the project.



How long does the project complete?

Depending on the complexity of the application, the standard delivery time may range from 30 days to several months.



How do I monitor the workflow?

The internal task management application allows the client to access the XFactorApp platform, having the opportunity to view information about the stage of project implementation in the form of reports.



What happens if I want additional features?

Additional features not included in the initial estimate of the project will be additionally charged on an hourly basis.