Valet Parking - Mobile app for managing cars at various events

The Valet Parking mobile application is a complete solution through which valets can retrieve all the cars for parking them at various events.

The system automates the entire process and streamlines the valet's activity, offering your guests more convenience and comfort. It is extremely useful for public events or within the parks of different institutions. Through this app are sent push notification messages either to announce valets that they have to pick up a car for parking or indicate to the owner that his car has arrived.

Valet Parking offers the possibility to send a request with the ticket number corresponding to the car and the real-time takeover by the valet to bring it to the owner. The purpose of this app is to provide professional parking services to help guests save all the time wasted looking for an available place. Also, the system provides necessary logistics for any event to proceed in excellent conditions and be organized at the highest level.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Quick transmission of the request with the ticket number for customer's car
  2. Client's request about returning his car taken by the valet in real-time
  3. Push notifications available for announcing valets
  4. Sending messages to indicate customer that his car has arrived
  5. Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems
  6. The option only with waiting screen for the valet which will display in real-time the number of the car requested by the customer


  • A useful application for public events or institution parking
  • Intelligent parking management system
  • Professional and personalized approach to parking services
  • Careful monitoring of customers' cars
  • More comfort for customers
  • Reducing the search time for an available parking space
  • Improving traffic by optimizing parking
  • Data security and confidentiality


Vip Parking is an exclusive brand that comes to meet its customers' needs with professional valet parking solutions. The company offers excellent parking services for various events, ensuring well-trained and carefully selected staff. Vip Parking's mission is to provide efficient solutions, without compromising the quality when it comes to organizing an event at the highest level.

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