Sprinten Taxi - Android and iOS mobile application for taxi orders
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    Android and iOS mobile application
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    Sprinten Taxi Rasnov
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    1 month

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The system provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for customers, drivers, and dispatchers. In addition, the application offers a comprehensive set of features for dispatchers, allowing them to track driver activity, place orders, manage issues, and generate relevant reports and statistics.

Sprinten Taxi has a complex system that involves a mobile application for customers, a dispatch platform, and a mobile application for drivers

Customers can create an account with an email and password and view the history of past orders, including the route on the map. The system places orders based on the customer's current location and allows them to choose filtering options such as Large Trunk and Air Conditioned Car. Customers can also see the location of their driver on the map and call directly through the mobile app.

For drivers, they can log in with an email and password and activate their availability status for taking orders. Administrators also have the ability to configure the order-taking system according to preferences.

The dispatch center has an interactive dashboard with relevant charts and statistics for company activity, a real-time map displaying driver locations and unclaimed orders. Dispatchers can also place orders through the administration panel and access the order history.

Through this platform, Sprinten Taxi offers a range of benefits for users. These include a fast and convenient transportation experience and a secure way to place orders.

Drivers have the option to decline orders and estimate the number of minutes needed to reach their destination.

Technical features:

  • Create account with email and password for customers
  • Order history for customers and dispatch center
  • Order placement system for customers, which captures the customer's current location and includes options such as selecting the departure location, filtering by preferences, notifications related to the chosen driver, and tracking their movement on the map
  • Call button for customers and drivers, allowing the initiation of a phone call
  • Manual penalty (banning) for drivers by the dispatch center
  • Activation of Available/Unavailable status for order pick-up for drivers
  • Configurable order-taking system for drivers, including direct allocation, priority at stations, display in a list of orders, and options to decline, estimate, or accept directly
  • Ongoing order screen for drivers, displaying driver and customer locations, customer information, route, buttons for phone calls, navigation, and customer pick-up
  • Interactive dashboard for dispatch center, including relevant charts and statistics for order-taking activity
  • Real-time map for dispatch center, displaying driver locations, unclaimed orders, and the structure of predefined zones and taxi stations
  • Complex order flow parameterization system for dispatch center, allowing for the setting of parameters such as distance, number of drivers to whom the new order alert will be displayed, and taxi station prioritization

General benefits:

  • Accessibility and ease of use for customers, drivers, and dispatch center
  • Order placement system and real-time display of driver location
  • Customization of order options and filtering for customers
  • Integration with maps such as Waze and Google Maps for easy navigation
  • Detailed order history for customers and drivers
  • Interactive dashboard with relevant statistics and charts for dispatch center
  • Integration with telephone exchange for fast order-taking and management
  • Complex order flow parameterization system


Sprinten Taxi is a transportation company that aims to provide taxi services to its customers. The application offers a simple and convenient way to connect customers with drivers, thus allowing them to focus on what truly matters: their journeys.

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