Zmaukin - Landing Page for Mobile App Presentation

Presentation website of the Mobile App, through which users are encouraged to save the money they spend on certain vices and invest it in premium products (gold, silver, platinum, diamonds).

It is an onepage web platform, which has a custom design created and implemented by our team. This landing page optimized for mobile devices is an excellent way to promote the app and the company. The platform provides useful information about how the money saving system works: creating an account on the app, setting goals (choosing the type of ingot and the number of days in which the goal can be achieved), saving the initially set amount of money and ordering the desired ingots.

The landing page, as well as the mobile app, is available in both Romanian and English. The website is simple and intuitive, but at the same time complex as it guides the users strategically, providing them important details and a great browsing experience.

The mobile app can be downloaded directly from the web platform via links to Google Play and AppStore. The entire platform comes with a user-friendly admin panel that allows easy management of content, text and images.

Technical specifications:

  1. Custom design creation and implementation;
  2. Onepage presentation website;
  3. Multilingual RO/EN system;
  4. Contact form;
  5. Social mediat buttons integration;
  6. Download mobile App directly from the website
  7. Integration of dynamic elements for better interaction with users;
  8. Privacy policy;
  9. Cookies module;

General advantages:

  • Detailed presentation of the services the mobile app offers;
  • Encouraging users to download the mobile application;
  • Increasing the visibility of the company, of the app and the number of users;
  • Design optimization for mobile devices;
  • Presenting the advantages to customers;
  • Facilitating the access to premium products;
  • Direct interaction with potential users;
  • Continuous promotion of the mobile application online.


Zmaukin is the first company that supports its customers to give up their vices and invest in valuable items. The organization offers them a great alternative where they can save their money intended for negative habits in order to improve their quality of life and create their own treasure with minimal effort.

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