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Custom-designed mobile app developed to help people to save money they spent on various vices.

It helps users set certain goals and live a healthier life by giving up habits that are harmful to the body or personal budget. The application works on an very simple principle, meaning that users create an account in the system, set goals, save money, and at the end purchase gold, silver, platinum or diamond bars with the money saved. Creating an account in the application is easily and similar to Revolut, requiring the introduction of photos and information such as email, password, phone number, pin, home address and, possibly, shipping address where the user can receive the bars ordered with the money saved.

To register in the application, users will have to present an identity document and a selfie photo. Afterwards, an operator will validate the account after confirming the similarity of the photos. When opening the mobile application, the user will enter the pin set, then can choose to which vice wants to give up: smoking, alcohol, shopping or other habits and set how much wants to save each day.

The app constantly gives information about the amount saved and notifies the user when they are very close or have reached their goal. The system also includes a shop page where certain products can be ordered with the money saved. The app also integrates a shopping cart, so that the person that wants to buy ingots or diamonds can easily check which products he/she is going to buy, which is the mentioned delivery address, the insurance cost and the delivery fee.

The app integrates the MobilPay payment processor, which allows payment in multiple currencies. A daily re-occurring payment will be made to save the amount set by the user for one or more purchases. Moreover, a user has the possibility to invite other people to join the application, maximum ten people per month. For every 10 invited users who have created an account and set up a recurring payment, the person who sent the invitation will receive 1 gram of gold.

The mobile app is a quick and intuitive way to convert money for vices into gold or other equally valuable products.

Technical specifications:

  1. Custom design interface implementation;
  2. Adding a credit card, the system will automatically retain it without the need to re-enter it to automatically debit the set amount;
  3. Implementation of useful push notifications for promotions or various alerts;
  4. Multilingual support;
  5. Card change option;
  6. MobilPay payment processor integration;
  7. Possibility to invite others to join the application - referral system;
  8. GDPR module (Customer Agreement, Privacy Policy for account creation, Terms and Conditions of use of the app when the account is created);
  9. Account approval/rejection notification.

General advantages:

  • Wizard to set the amount the user wants to save: the user will be able to select one or more vices and set the amount to be saved for each one. Informatively, it will display the minimum amount for that habit (a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, a shopping session), giving to the users the possibility to edit the amount they want to save daily.
  • Daily recurring payment to save the amount set by the user, for one or more vices;
  • The possibility for the user to disable the option to receive marketing information from the account;
  • Account and profile data management: login data, basic profile data, card, pin;
  • Choice of targeted language from a variety of products;
  • User reward system if they invite other people to use the application;
  • Saved amounts section, vice page (saved amounts, top-up, health benefits).


Zmaukin is the first company on the market that aims to help its customers quit negative habits. By saving money that would have been spent on vices, users can create their own treasure, as Zmaukin provides them with gold, silver, platinum and diamond bars. The organization promotes healthy living and giving up to money-consuming vices and promotes investments in precious objects.

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