XFactorApp - Presentation Website of Programming Services

A complex web platform for the professional presentation of programming services provided by XFactorApp.

Fully customized and tailored to customer requirements, this presentation website benefits from a video-based design. The website provides multilingual support for business efficiency and openness both to the national and international markets. Real-time chat system allows users to have unlimited access to information and consultancy about programming services.

Administration panel included to quickly and efficiently manage the pages, images and all displayed information. The web platform includes contact forms segmented by landing page, meaning application queries, demo applications, or free resource request.

A fully manageable programming website, structured on widgets where all components of the website can be integrated or removed. Platform navigation architecture presents innovation in content, adapts wireframes that provide a pleasant and useful experience.

This presentation website integrates the GDPR module for the regulation of personal data. The platform represents an original, personalized concept, handed over complete functional to the beneficiary. A presentation website based on strategy, aesthetics and visibility, perfectly suited to contemporary online requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Design custom video based
  2. Integration with social networks
  3. SEO optimization support
  4. Multilingualism
  5. Administration panel for content management to the smallest details
  6. Module for managing requests
  7. Landing page structured on widgets
  8. Link redirection module
  9. Virtual Assistant
  10. Integrated GDPR module
  11. Blog section included
  12. Secure modules and integrated antispam filters
  13. Integrated map into the Contact page
  14. Leads module for customer management

General Advantages:

  1. A user-friendly interface
  2. Compatibility with all browsers
  3. Dynamic elements stimulate the audience to react on the website
  4. Security and privacy
  5. Customized communication with users
  6. Effective promotion of the services offered
  7. Fast loading
  8. Increased visibility on the market
  9. Quick location on the map of the business


XFactorApp is an agency passionate about innovation and technology, with vast experience in the online environment. It offers complex web solutions for companies in the country and abroad. The agency provides programming services, mobile application development, web application development, personalized business strategies tailored to the needs of each business, effective digital marketing solutions and online promotion. XFactorApp brings together a team of professionals which guarantees the prosperous development of businesses in the most productive way, offering the highest quality services. The challenges and continued development are part of the company's overall vision.

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