Professional Presentation Website for the T-Klima Brand

A website for the presentation of the brand of air conditioners T-Klima.

It was developed in a unique way, to communicate with users, and handed over to the client complete functional. The design of the platform is completely customized, the whole content is tailored to enhance the value of T-Klima products and to promote the business. The web platform benefits from administration panel included for fast and efficient management of pages, images and all displayed information. The website also includes interactive effects for design elements.

The T-Klima air conditioner presentation platform also includes a distributor page. Dealers can be selected according to the county, and those who want to become partners have the opportunity to enrol by completing a form. T-Klima products are organized by category, meaning residential and commercial, for efficient user navigation.

A professional website with attractive design and well-organized content that effectively contributes to increasing customer credibility and perception of the company. On the homepage, the website highlights the main features and benefits of T-Klima's products and services. The platform represents an effective digital marketing solution and online promotion of air conditioners.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Responsive, personalized design, and copywriting 
  2. Administration panel for adding, modifying, and changing data easily
  3. Multilingual support
  4. Presentation page for T-Klima air conditioner products and order possibility
  5. Presentation of air conditioner distributors by counties
  6. Quick form for requesting information or distributors registration
  7. Products distribution by category
  8. Map integrated into the contact page
  9. A quick view of air conditioners on the homepage
  10. Button for quick ordering of products

General Advantages:

  • Compatibility with the latest web browsers and PC and mobile operating systems
  • SEO friendly
  • The platform works as an online business card
  • Effective promotion of air conditioners and the T-Klima brand
  • Simple contact mode through the integrated form
  • Opening to the national and international market
  • Visibility and brand recognition
  • High level of security for the web platform


T-Klima is a brand specialized in solutions, systems and air conditioners. The company has long experience in the air conditioning market in Romania. The company combines utility with elegance to meet customer standards and to continually develop products and solutions for a constantly changing field. T-Klima air conditioners are distinguished by superior technology, durability and reliability. Also, T-Klima products support energy conservation, ecological functioning and environmental protection.

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