Web Application for Production and Sales Management - Mogosoaia Tailoring Workshop

The Web application for production and sales management is a trusted partner in achieving the best business results.

It provides complete control over all operations in a company. The beneficiary can monitor and manage customer information, orders, products, billing and receipts, sales reports. The CRM system developed for the tailoring workshop also allows making recipes for manufacturing products. Goods inputs are placed in stock and GRNs are automatically generated.

Based on the recipes already introduced in application, the company makes the ordered products, and raw materials consumption and all the losses are automatically recorded. Because it is a stock management system, it allows selling other products too, which are not manufactured by the beneficiary. The stock can also be viewed in real time. In case of a new order, the system displays the availability of stock products. Based on these information, the company plans how many products can be made with existing materials.

Technical specifications:

  1. Efficient and unitary management of all processes in the workshop

  2. Careful monitoring of stocks, goods entries, invoices, receipts and payments

  3. Billing software for issuing, delivering and managing invoices, and money collection

  4. Generating sales reports, receipts, unpaid invoices, profit per product, customer data, payment status, etc.

  5. Implementation of production flows based on customers’ orders centralization

  6. Generating production sheet

  7. Control and supply chain coordination

  8. Intelligent solution for managing information about partners, suppliers, current and potential customers

  9. Selling other products than those manufactured by the beneficiary

  10. Automatic registration of losses and raw materials consumption

  11. Detailed monitoring of all data for sales opportunities management

General Advantages:

  • Performant solution to optimize production and sales processes

  • Flexible method and unique platform which integrates all the specific activities of a tailoring workshop to improve customer experience and business activity

  • CRM system for managing customer relationships in real time

  • Loss reduction due to poor inventory management

  • Increase sales by automating daily tasks

  • Effective control of general activity by eliminating human error

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Cost reduction and increasing profitability

  • Quick administration, simple, efficient and correct management of multiple systems at the same time

  • Avoiding out-of-stock situations

  • Simplify business processes and implement new business strategies


Croitoria Mogosoaia SRL offers clothes design and customization services. Known for product quality, Croitoria Mogosoaia SRL addresses both individuals for tailoring services, repairs and custom-made clothes, as well as for companies producing garment in the LOHN-system. The company produces pieces specific to tailoring field, meaning clothing manufacture from woven or non-woven fabrics, knitted or crocheted. Croitoria Mogosoaia SRL also manufactures clothes for women, children and men, after a proper pattern or one adapted according to customer requirements.

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