Web Application Car Parking Reservation System

Web Application Car Parking Reservation System

Online booking system for car parking.​

Smart solution dedicated especially to people travelling by plane and need professional parking services medium or long term near Henri Coanda Otopeni Airport. The parking reservation platform has an automatic discount system for customers and offers them the possibility of online payment through various processors. A safe and fast way for the applicant, who is notified by email about order status, payment and booking details. ​

Express Parknfly has a payment package configuration system, meaning billing and receipt, picking up and cancelling orders. Platform users have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter directly from the site in order to have exclusive access to the company's offers and promotions. The website also includes a blog section which represents official source of communication with the general public. This web platform is the main way of meeting for the company with current and potential customers in the online environment.

Technical specifications​:

  • 3-step parking car reservation system: fill in the data with booking duration, personal data and select payment method
  • Instant booking confirmation
  • Automatic discount system (after 5 consecutive bookings at the 6th is added a 25% discount)
  • A varied payment system, when parking, online with the card or through payment processors
  • Automatic email notifications with details about status order, payment, booking details
  • Payment Package Configuration System
  • Reports on various parameters (receipts, reservations, cancelled orders, unpaid orders)
  • Structured prices and presented according to the number of days allocated to the reservation
  • Integrated accessories (contact form, advanced search system, map, newsletter, photo gallery & sliders, etc.)
  • Premium design and responsive layout optimized for mobile
  • Real-time chat for users

General Advantages:

  1. Centralized administration of customer data, orders, cars, payments
  2. Customer loyalty through automatic discount and notification system
  3. Representing the company's image and generating customers
  4. Promotion and marketing for company services/offers
  5. Increased visibility on the market, business development
  6. Fast contact and easy location of the company
  7. Optimization the parking system, organizing information and eliminating human error
  8. Constant communication with clients and potential clients


INGCAR MANAGEMENT SRL offers specialized services for car safety and efficiency of the transfer process. It has a private car parking with over 300 seats near to Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport. Taking into account the customers' needs regarding parking when travelling, the company has implemented Express Parknfly - online car parking reservation website. The company offers professional 24-hour parking and free transport services for clients to and from the airport. The INGCAR MANAGEMENT SRL team is made up of professionals, whose main aim is the safety and comfort of the client.

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