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Android & iOS application specially developed to open a fast and modern line of communication with legal professionals or lawyers.

Through push notifications, press releases, articles, information or other news about the legal profession can be sent. The application's main page includes listing press releases, articles (various communications), "UNBR Info - newsletters", press magazines. Usually, the system displays the latest data, but users can also access the older ones too ("See more"). Each press release and newsletter has a dedicated page containing a text of 400-500 words and a reference to the corresponding section on the UNBR website.

The screen structure is simple and efficient and presents press releases, articles, "UNBR Info - newsletters", press magazine, as well as details such as picture, photo gallery, title, description, link section or option for attaching a PDF document. Within the application, a separate section of articles signalled by automatic push notifications, where other information of interest can be added, is also available.

This modern system increases the accessibility of information on the legal profession and career development policies as they are presented at the national and international levels.

Technical specifications:

  1. Information categories: press releases and articles, "UNBR Info - newsletters", press magazine;
  2. Option to sort categories on the main page;
  3. Searching by keywords in the sections for press releases, articles, press magazine and "UNBR Info - newsletters";
  4. Informative pages: about the application, frequently asked questions, personal data processing policy, terms and conditions for using the application;
  5. Automatic push notifications for adding in the application a new press release, article, newsletter, which will have in the mobile app a link to the corresponding pages on the website;
  6. Option to disable push notifications by the user;
  7. Listing page of press releases, articles and press magazine;
  8. A separate section with information of interest;
  9. Button for sharing the application.

General advantages:

  • Easy communication with lawyers, legal professionals and the public;
  • Permanent presentation of news regarding the legal profession;
  • The possibility of downloading the UNBR newsletter or the press magazine in PDF format;
  • Listing search results;
  • Displaying information in chronological order;
  • Button inserted on each page for an easy share of all information available in the application (articles, newsletter, press magazine, press releases).


The National Union of Romanian Bars (UNBR) is a legal entity of public interest and the only professional organization that ensures the qualified exercise of the right to defence, competence and professional discipline, protection of the dignity and honour of member lawyers. Together with all the member bars, its mission is to enhance the legal profession in accordance with the public interest.

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