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Taxi 21 is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows users to quickly and easily order a taxi via their mobile phone. The application is available for both customers and drivers, and it also has a web component for the dispatch center.

To facilitate the ordering process, the application uses a GPS location system that identifies the customer's and driver's location, so that a quick and efficient assignment of an available car can be made. This location system provides high accuracy, which leads to a significant increase in the quality of services provided by the application.

Regarding the payment process, the application uses a payment processing system through the Netopia processor. This system is secure and provides a fast and safe way to make payments.

Taxi 21 also integrates an internal messaging system that allows quick communication between the customer and the drivers. Through this messaging system, users can communicate with drivers to notify them about any changes related to their order, leading to a more enjoyable and fluid experience for users.

Taxi 21 offers benefits for customers, drivers, and the dispatch center. Customers can quickly and easily order a taxi, check their order and payment history, and view the driver's route on the map. Drivers have a flexible system for picking up orders and can communicate with customers and the dispatch center. The dispatch center has access to relevant statistics and can quickly place orders and manage drivers.

Technical specifications:

  • Account creation and authentication by email and password for customers
  • Order history for customers, including display of past orders, route viewing on the map, downloading invoices
  • Order placement system for customers, which takes the current location and allows the input of the departure location, choosing from favorite addresses, and filtering cars according to specific needs
  • Viewing the driver's movement to the departure point and the option to call the driver
  • The ability to register a credit card and pay with it through the implementation of the Netopia payment processor
  • Activation of available/unavailable status for order picking and ongoing order screen for drivers, showing location and route
  • Interactive dashboard for the dispatch center, with graphs and relevant statistics for activity, such as the number of orders and their source, problems detected by the application, order evolution, etc.
  • Real-time map for the dispatch center, displaying the location of drivers, unclaimed orders, and the ability to send notifications to the phone
  • Dispatch center for order placement and integration with the phone exchange
  • Order history for the dispatch center, which allows searching for an order and viewing data
  • Driver administration for the dispatch center, which allows viewing and searching for drivers, displaying the current position, used devices, and account and car data.

General advantages:

  • The order placement system, with options to choose the departure location and filter drivers according to criteria such as large trunk or air-conditioned car
  • The ability to see the driver's movement to the departure point on the map and call the driver or customer via the application
  • Online payment by card
  • The order configuration system for drivers, with options for direct allocation, display in a list, and the ability to refuse the order


Taxi 21 offers a modern and efficient alternative for its customers to order and pay for taxi rides. This application allows the company to offer a better user experience, which can lead to an increase in the number of orders and profitability. In addition, the application provides drivers with the possibility of picking up customer orders and improving their operational efficiency and the services they offer.

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