A modern Android & iOS application, with ingenious modules and functionalities, designed to optimize restaurant activities.

It provides customers with quick access to a varied menu and culinary dishes. Tabu Food can be customized with a logo, branding color, and the application menu consists of the following elements: Home, Orders, Cart, Favorites, Profile, and Restaurant Page. The mobile application also includes a photo gallery of the restaurant, contact details, working hours, and a short description of the venue.

Furthermore, the menu is presented in PDF format, and the delivery radius (number of kilometers, configurable) and a link to the restaurant's website are mentioned. The section dedicated to users allows the creation of an account with a username and password, as well as through Facebook or Google. After registration, customers have access to settings, vouchers, payment methods, notification history, and some useful information on their profile.

Customers can save multiple addresses in the app, such as their home or office address. At the product level, there are photos, item names, ingredients, weight, and the price, if applicable, discounted price is also mentioned.

The Operator Module, the part dedicated to the restaurant, can be accessed from the mobile application using a phone or tablet, on Android/iOS. It has a sound alert for new orders and an "Orders" section where the operator can perform the following actions: order intake, allocation of preparation-delivery time, order status, ordered products status, product modification/replacement, order cancellation (at the client's request).

The operator can manage one or multiple locations and has the option to "call the customer". They can also print the order receipt on a thermal printer via Bluetooth connection. The operator manages the working schedule, i.e. the hours of operation for order taking, as well as the products in the menu, which can be replaced depending on the stock in the restaurant at the time of preparation.

Technical specifications:

  • Create account with username and password or with Facebook and/or Google;
  • GDPR agreement validation;
  • Password reset;
  • Product menu: categories, subcategories; Product listing and search option;
  • Restaurant contact details: address (with location navigation option), phone number (with call option);
  • Product options (menus, pizza: toppings, sauces etc.);
  • Add variations to the main product, at the same price or with additional costs;
  • Ongoing order: all order details and the allocated delivery time are displayed, and there is an option to cancel;
  • Completed order: all order details are displayed and options to download the invoice (for card payment) and reorder are available;
  • Operator mode for the restaurant

General advantages:

  • Customization with branding logo and color;
  • Restaurant photo gallery and description;
  • Restaurant menu in PDF format;
  • Onboarding vouchers (for new users), individual vouchers (for a specific user, for example for an unhappy/loyal customer), application-level or location-level vouchers (restaurant);
  • Cash, POS or card payment, which involves integration with a payment processor (Mobilpay) and saving the card for future transactions;
  • Adding/deleting products from Favorites, accessing the product page;
  • Push notifications.


Tabu Doner is one of the top fast-food restaurants in Braila. It offers its customers a true culinary experience, amplifying classic flavors through unique combinations and original recipes. Through the Tabu Food mobile application, everyone who wants to discover the taste of Tabu Doner can easily order their desired dishes.

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