Sweetology - Web app for stock management and bakery laboratory activity
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In the business environment, a web application is an important resource, especially for managing a company.

Such a web-based tool has been developed for managing inventory and activities in a pastry laboratory.

The inventory is updated daily by the operator when necessary. After adding new items, the operator only needs to access the "update" option. Additionally, the web application includes a stock update reminder before placing a standard order.

The ordering module is complex and involves completing certain information when placing an order, such as selecting the product, displaying the current store inventory, and specifying the desired quantity.

Order flow:

  • Entering details and order button;
  • The store operator views the order in the transmitted orders list, along with its status (transmitted/received/in delivery)
  • The laboratory views the list with all orders received from the sales points and can modify their status;
  • The laboratory takes over the orders and changes their status (received/produced/in delivery), so they can be displayed in the product aggregator;
  • Unreceived orders are highlighted in red;
  • Option to add a product to the aggregator, in case a product needs to be replaced or a new one needs to be added;
  • The laboratory completes, at the order level, the quantity produced and to be delivered for each ordered product;
  • The laboratory generates the delivery note and changes the order status to "in delivery", and the products leave its stock;
  • The operator receives the order, enters the number of received items, and if there are any discrepancies, can select the reason (e.g. destroyed in transport) and change the order status to "received";
  • The products are automatically added to the store's stock after being received.

The web application offers the possibility of generating multiple types of reports and exporting them to Excel. The program is used for a wide range of activities and integrates a series of powerful functionalities that contribute to the easy management of stocks and the pastry laboratory.

Technical specifications:

  • Stock module at store level and overall stores;
  • Daily stock update by an operator when necessary;
  • Stock update alert before entering standard order;
  • Order module;
  • Optimization for tablet and mobile phone in the areas intended for information input by the operator (salesperson or laboratory);
  • Generating reports about stocks at company/store level;
  • Generating reports about products out of stock/reception

General advantages:

  • Increased control and promptness in managing orders;
  • Integrated management of all processes within the organization;
  • Easy accessibility;
  • Advanced reporting;


Sweetology is a Romanian company specialized in the production and sale of artisanal ice cream and reinterpreted cakes. The company has been active on the market since 2018 and stands out for the freshness of its products and natural ingredients, without additives, as well as for its special recipes, which take into account a healthy eating style.

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