Slobozia City Hall - Web application and Car Parking Reservation System

  Smart solution developed to facilitate the car parking reservation.

The system offeres quick and easy car parking management, name, address, summary of booking requests or tabular situation with the reserved / available parking spaces. At the same time, the app provides an interactive draft with the reserved / available / expired parking spaces on which can be situated the parking spaces.

Customer administration is another module of the app on which can be stored the customers information and quickly upload of the documents related to the type of customer, contact information, billing details, rental history. Applicants' requests are successfully managed through the app. The operators can easily manage the information about a customer, parking and the desired parking space, converting the customer’s request to rental or generate the needed documents for requesting or renting a parking place.

Also, in addition to car parks, customer information and requests, the app also allows the management of the rental agreement. The system generates documents such as the rental agreements or the overall statement, provides support for additional items to the contract and multiple tenants, but also the possibility to renew, close or cancel the contract, to invoice and collect the values of the contracts.

The app can also be used as an auction system, meaning that when a parking place is released, all the people interested in that parking place are notified via an SMS. When the first person bids, the others will have a configurable number of hours to come up with a better offer. In the following days, the person who was chosen has to go at the city hall to sign the contract, otherwise the next person on the list will get the parking space.

Customers receive notifications via SMS, as well as the request will also be confirmed by a code received via SMS. The interface with the city hall website offers to the visitors the possibility to see in real time the available parking places and thus to be able to make a reservation request.

Technical specifications:

  1. Car parks management with library, name, address, interactive list with the reserved / available / expired parking places
  2. Summary of booking requests
  3. Interactive draft with the reserved / available parking places
  4. Manage customers and their information
  5. Manage customer requests, customer information and desired parking place
  6. Administration of rental contracts, contract generation or size statement
  7. Document templates: all printable documents are manageable
  8. Generating reports: total sales, registered parking places, issued invoices, receipts
  9. Sending SMS notifications
  10. User guide available on the app

General advantages:

  • Interactive dashboard with summary information
  • History of the emails sent to customers by the system
  • Upload and generate documents
  • Possibility to renew the contract, close date of the contract, cancellation
  • Download documents in PDF and Word format
  • Documents can be printed or send by e-mail
  • The app works as an auction system
  • Interface with the city hall website and real-time viewing of available parking places to make a reservation request
  • Possibility to invoice and collect the values of the contracts
  • Request confirmation by using a code sent via SMS


Slobozia City Hall supports its citizens with a modern app, accessible for all of them. This modern way of using the map via "Google Maps" is usable from any electronic platform, offers transparency of parking availability avoiding congestion and additional visits to the local authority for booking or renting a parking place.

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