Sissy Delivery - Android and iOS Mobile App, aggregator type, for restaurants with home delivery

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Android & iOS mobile application of aggregator type specially designed for supporting users who want to order their favorite food from various restaurants in Targu Mures. It has an accounts system for managing personal data, addresses and order history, shopping carts, and favorite products for easy orders, as well as real-time tracking of status orders or various payment methods.

Users can access the app by creating an account with a name and password, but also through Facebook or Google. Within the application are available separate pages for each product, where can be found details such as picture, name, ingredients, weight, and price. People who will use this system have the opportunity to easily identify low prices, which are highlighted in red, and if they want to add any notes on a product (for example if they have a special preference or suffer from an allergy) they have the "Additional details" section.

In the application, users can add variations for each dish, at the same price or an additional cost. The restaurant page provides users with important information such as contact details (going to the mentioned address and the "Call" option for the displayed phone number), working hours, delivery perimeter, photo gallery, description, website link, buttons to social networks, as well as the option to add a menu in PDF version.

The Sissy Delivery app also has a dedicated section for operators, with the following functionalities: push notification for new orders, order option with the possibility to change the order status, order form printing, demanding a person for delivery, product management (product activation/deactivation and price change), setting delivery time with a delay at location level and defining the operator on one or more locations.

The system has a multi-location module, very useful functionality for restaurants/supermarkets which own several locations and the same menu, with the possibility to have certain active/inactive products in every location. More exactly, each location is treated individually as a separate entity with its own contact details, products, and product categories.

Technical specifications:

  1. Creating an account with user and password or login through Facebook or Google (name and surname, photo, email, phone number, password regeneration);
  2. Adding the address taken from Google Maps, with the option for additional information such as block, staircase, floor, apartment, interphone;
  3. Adding, editing, or deleting products or quantities from the shopping cart;
  4. Limiting the types of products that can be added to the basket (for example no more than 40 types of products), as well as limiting the weight of the products in the basket (for example a maximum of 10 kilograms);
  5. The option to offer free transport for a certain value of the order within a default distance;
  6. Ongoing order: Order ID, status, product listing and order value, delivery address, order placement date and time, chosen payment method, delivery time (selected by the operator from the dashboard), delivery fee;
  7. The "Cancel order" option is available for users if the order has not been taken by the restaurant;
  8. Listing completed orders with the possibility to view its details;
  9. Banning clients for a manageable period of time;
  10. Display locations with pins on the map with the picture, address, and schedule, option to navigate to the location;
  11. Multiple payment methods: card, cash.

General advantages:

  •  Menu configurator and product configurator;
  • Setting products as favorites;
  • Saving addresses in the application (home, office, etc.);
  • Voucher mode with types of percentage, value, or free delivery vouchers;
  • Push and pop-up notification to inform the user that he has received a new voucher;
  • Restaurant operator has access in the dashboard for order management, product activation/inactivation, and for giving vouchers;
  • Integrated MyPOS payment processor.


Through the Sissy Delivery app, users can order their favorite food from various restaurants in Targu Mures. The system is simple and fast and offers a lot of advantages, but also gives clients access to the best restaurants in town.

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