Sama Taxi - Android and iOS mobile app for taxi orders
  • Category
    Android and IOS mobile application
  • Client
    Sama Taxi Galati
  • Period
    2 months

Sama Taxi provides a personalized and convenient experience to users by offering them quick access to taxi services.

The developed project includes two applications dedicated to customers looking for transportation solutions and a system suitable for the needs of taxi drivers.

The Client Application allows users to create an account based on their email and password, but also authenticate through Facebook (for Android) or Apple Login (for iOS). The phone number validation is done through SMS, and once the user agrees to the GDPR terms and conditions, they can manage their account, data, and information. They can also set a profile picture and manage favorite addresses for quickly placing taxi orders.

The functionalities available to clients in the mobile application include:

  • Registering a credit card in the system for easy payment after each ride.
  • Displaying order history.
  • Order placement system that retrieves the client's current location.
  • Notification regarding the chosen driver and display of their details after placing an order.
  • Estimating the price and duration of the trip before placing the order - rates can be configured based on the type of order, car, package, and preferential price for the customer.
  • Real-time chat between client and driver.
  • Invoice generation system for the order/generation of an email for order confirmation with attached invoice.

The Driver Application allows drivers to create their account in the app, which will be validated by an app’s operator.

The functionalities available for drivers in the mobile application are:

  • Uploading necessary documents and completing details about the car.
  • Order history, earnings, invoices, received ratings or account balance
  • Alert in case of expired documents or missing information from the profile
  • Driver-support team chat
  • New order pop-up displayed over any application when using the Android system
  • In-progress order screen
  • Waze/Google Maps navigation button
  • Direct navigation from the application
  • Panic button for the driver - in case of emergency, nearby colleagues and the dispatch center are notified that the driver is in danger.

General advantages:

  • Blocking the client if they have unpaid balance
  • Blocking the driver if they are missing a photo or certain documents, if the car details are invalid, or if the documents are expired
  • Manual penalty (ban) for drivers
  • Automatic penalty for drivers based on configurable rules, such as refusing orders or receiving negative ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Interactive administration panel and dispatch center for order placement
  • Advanced reporting.


Sama Taxi is a company based in Galati. Most of the time, it represents the first choice for those who are looking for transportation solutions, either within the city or outside of it. Sama Taxi has marked a new era in terms of classic taxi services and meets the needs of customers with a clever mobile application that displays everything in a simple and clear way.

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