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An ingenious Android and iOS mobile app that connects Romanians from all over the world to business opportunities and jobs in their country.

The information presented is structured by categories, namely Opportunities and Jobs, Events and News. The main page of the mobile app has a section for banners, slider and presents separate sections for opportunities, news, jobs, events and partners, and each of them can be accessed for more details.

Also, for any of these pages is available a "See all" button, where users can quickly find out more details about the section in which they are interested. Regarding Opportunities and Jobs category, there are two different pages for the two categories, and the available information is presented in chronological order, with picture, title, date, details (name, photo, company, link to profile) about the member who posted the job or opportunity and a button to contact them by email or WhatsApp.

Both opportunities and jobs are displayed as a list, starting with the most recent ones, while users have a "Details" button and an icon to add the project to their favourites. The app also provides an advanced keyword search as well as filters by country, city or field of activity. Entrepreneurs who post opportunities and jobs in the app have buttons for "Add opportunity" and "Add job". Their posts are moderated and then approved for posting by the administrator. In the events section, information about specific activities is presented in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Each event has a separate page with a picture, title, period, short description, "Details" button and an icon to add to favourites. Users have the option to access a "Participate to the event" button, with the list of participants displayed in the app and the option to access their profile page. The News category also shows data in chronological order, while each news item is linked to the RePatriot website.

Technical specifications:

  • Main menu: Home, Opportunities and Jobs, Events, News, Login;
  • Separate pages for each category;
  • Quick search system and filters by country, city or field of activity;
  • Member contact button by email or WhatsApp;
  • Push notifications when the administrator changes the status of an ad posted by entrepreneurs;
  • "Participate to the event" button for quick registration to a specific event presented in the application;
  • Send push notifications with 7 days and 1 day before the event;
  • Navigate to the event location option
  • Supporting the development of Romanian businesses from abroad
  • Supporting the repatriation of Romanians by identifying opportunities and jobs in Romania
  • Share application button

General advantages:

  • Create an account by email and password or via Facebook;
  • Button for adding opportunity/job to favorites;
  • Automatic email confirmation for account registration;
  • Information pages: About RePatriot, Partners, Terms and Conditions, GDPR, FAQs;
  • "Become a partner" button, available on the Partners page;
  • Opportunities/jobs posted by sponsors/partners are listed with priority and have distinctive signs;
  • Easy monitoring of business opportunities and jobs on the local market;
  • Advanced features for users;
  • Data security and privacy


RePatriot is a community that provides inspiration, advice and information to make it easier for Romanians who are living abroad to access business opportunities, investment programs, events, services and jobs in the country. The organization builds support tools and brings together important institutional partners and entrepreneurs, important personalities and civil society to help Romanians from all over the world.

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