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Innovative taxi app for Android and iOS, designed with various modern features. The app was specially developed for drivers and their customers. Both categories of users have the possibility to login via email and password. On the client app can be created very easy the account, only by filling in a form that includes information such as name and surname, email address, phone number, agreement of GDPR terms and conditions.

The validation of the phone number is done by sending a text message, which will be received by the user in one minute. In case the phone number was changed, then is necessary to revalidate it. The client app offers them the possibility to create a location by selecting a point on the map and set a name, filling in the address with the requested information, such as street or block number, and adding specific comments, for example “the entrance is behind the gas station".

The system displays to the user the rating received from drivers and the ride history. Also, the app has a user-friendly system that displays to the users information about the drivers. The users have the possibility to check the drivers’ information (name, rating, profile picture, car, taxi company, etc.). The app also displays to the users the taxi location on the map, providing them also the possibility to add the credit card, to select a destination from the list of favorite addresses, to add comments to the order or to choose the driver from a proposed list by the system.

Regarding the order, the user can contact the driver on chat or phone. The user will receive a notification on email when the order is booked and will also receive a notification alert when the driver arrives at the destination. As for the driver, the app displays very quickly a series of details, such as the number of orders and their value, the starting point and the final destination of the ride, the date and hour, car, total value of the order, the customer, the map with the route of the order, the value of the order that the customer will pay or the already paid one.

The system of taking orders is a cascading one, meaning that the customer’ orders are displayed according to an algorithm related to distance and other criteria. If the driver does not approve the order in a few seconds by activating the navigation button to the customer, it will be directed to another driver. The app has been developed with a complex feature – the order allocation system, meaning that it will allocate the order by filtering the drivers' stations and can be integrated with the dispatch system.

Technical specifications

  1. Driver and cutomer login via email and password
  2. Recover password / account
  3. Location created by the customer, by selecting a point on the map, choosing a name for it, filling in information and comments as specific as possible
  4. Display rating received from drivers / display rating received from customers
  5. Customers’ ride history and a detailed page: the starting point and the final destination, date, hour, car, total price, driver
  6. Wizzard command with leaving-arrival point selection (similar to Bolt, Clever)
  7. Display the map with the route of the order for drivers, the order number and its value, the commission fees and details regarding the ride (the starting point and the final destination, date, time, total price, customer)
  8. Audible alert when receiving a new order request for the ride
  9. Display of customer information and details regarding the leaving point, the location on the customer's map, the duration of the ride, the distance or the estimated amount
  10. Push notification driver when a new order is received

General advantages:

  • Manage account and profile information: login information, basic profile information
  • Driver reporting system with predefined elements
  • View drivers’ infomation, such as the name, pictures, rating, car, number, taxi fares, taxi company
  • Add credit card. Paying by credit card, the invoice will be send from the system on customer’s email
  • Select destination from a list of favorite addresses
  • Possibility to choose the driver and let comments on the order
  • View driver’s location on the map
  • Posibility to contact the driver by phone or chat
  • Notification when the order is booked and when the driver arrives
  • Confirmation system, when the customer is in the driver’s car means that the ride is valid has started
  • Allocation of orders according to the position of the drivers in stations
  • Integration with the dispatch system


Radio Center 940 is a company that has been operating on the Romanian market for several years. To support its customers, the company has developed a taxi app through which users have easier access to a means of transport. The system has available the online or cash payment, displays order history, estimates the cost before placing the order, provides notifications in real-time or automatic location. The app meets the mobility needs of modern people, for whom time is very important.

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