Presentation Website for a Financial Consulting Company – DSA Advisor

Presentation Website for a Financial Consulting Company – DSA Advisor

Presentation website dedicated to personal funding.

An intermediary platform a variety of loans: leasing, micro-credits, credit cards, various loans for individuals or legal entities, home loans. A financial consulting website which integrates a complex calculator for estimating bank rates, configurable depending on the product.
The web platform includes a configurable map with all the headquarters in the country and the possibility of choosing them according to coordinates. Through the website, clients have the opportunity to apply online for financial consulting, in three simple steps. It has a responsive design, personalized for optimal navigation and organized presentation of information. Administration panel for managing content, images and texts and optimizing the website for search engines.

Technical Specifications:

  1. A complex calculator for estimates bank rates, configurable depending on product (mortgage, personal needs, house loan)
  2. Contacts forms, transmitted with data collected from the bank rates estimates calculator
  3. Configurable map with all headquarters in the country
  4. Newsletter subscription system
  5. A banner area for promoting other companies
  6. An interactive dashboard for managing content, images, or texts
  7. The optimizing website for search engines: meta-features, image optimization, sitemap, conversion and tracking codes
  8. A section dedicated to articles and relevant content for interested users
  9. Integration of social networks connected to the company's business page
  10. User-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface

General Advantages:

  • Responsive and personalized design
  • Calculator for rates, depending on the desired amount and the loan period  
  • Increasing the company's visibility in the market
  • Permanent customer interaction
  • Reduced advertising costs through online promotion
  • Permanent information of current and potential clients
  • Promoting the company's brand
  • Increase the number of clients


DSA Group Credit Advisor is a financial consulting company, a market leader in the field of loans for individuals and companies. It mediates obtaining a bank credit and provides customers with periodic information on fluctuations and developments in the banking market. The company offers consultancy for personalized financing and refinancing. The DSA Advisor's mission is to simplify the process of choosing and obtaining a bank loan and to select the best solutions for its clients. The company is an important partner of the main financial institutions in the country.

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