Presentation website for a company's exclusive transport and airport transfer services - MCCA City Shuttle

An intelligent web platform designed for presenting the first-class transport and airport transfer services.

Ingenious solution dedicated to people traveling, developed by design template implementation. The website offers a quick search system for cars based on parameters such as pickup location, pickup data or destination. The system includes a contact form through which customers can book a car online. The company's logo was fully designed, respecting the specific beneficiary requirements and the tendency to successfully represent its field of activity. 

The web platform has an easy-to-use panel for managing content. Also, the website integrates a page dedicated to tourist trails with the possibility to set up a route on certain locations. The system is available in both Romanian and English.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Template design implementation 
  2. Multilingualism
  3. The advanced search engine system
  4. Intuitive Dashboard for content management
  5. Contact form for booking your car
  6. Logo design
  7. A page dedicated to tourist trails
  8. Newsletter sign-up system
  9. An integrated map on the contact page
  10. Integration with social networks

General Advantages:

  • Dynamic and interactive interface, easy to use
  • Simple and efficient transportation mode
  • A computer system adapted to exclusive transport services
  • High level of business automation
  • Excellent visibility of the brand
  • Direct interaction with potential clients
  • A quick view of the fleet of cars
  • Complex system for booking cars
  • Responsive design, optimized for mobile
  • Differentiating business versus competition


MCCA City Shuttle is a company specializing in transport and individual or group transfers. With the exclusive services it offers, it is aimed to accomplish the needs of tourists and all those who travel for business. MCCA City Shuttle focuses on respect, professionalism, and service to the highest standards. The company has a safe, comfortable and prestigious fleet of cars, and car drivers with whom they collaborate have graduated defensive driving schools. For MCCA City Shuttle quality is the first, so it meets customer needs with exclusive service, according to current rules and trends.

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