Presentation website for a company in the labor protection sector

An ingenious web solution for presenting a company working in the sector of Labor Protection.

An ingenious web solution for presenting a company working in the sector of Labor Protection. The platform has been developed to meet the customer's specific needs. It has a custom design, based on market analysis, setting up targeted customers and studying the competition. The website represents a landing page where users can quickly contact the company in problems about Health and Safety at Work. For more dynamism in user interaction, the website includes intelligent effects and animations. The page is extremely useful because it provides information and promotes the company, making it easy to turn a lead into a potential customer. At the same time, a call-to-action is inserted to urge the user to contact the company in order to obtain specialized assistance to solve its OHS problems.

The website benefits from an intuitive dashboard for easy managing content. Also, the web platform enjoys SEO optimization on site for quality promotion and good visibility in search engines. The website is well organized, creates a user-friendly experience and provides relevant content. The balanced structure of the page allows customers to get information and has the role of highlighting exactly the details which company wishes to transmit without distracting the user's attention.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Custom design created after a market analysis
  2. Integrating effects and animations
  3. Intuitive administration panel
  4. Contact form and counter for measuring the time when a user is contacted
  5. SEO optimization on site
  6. Design adapted for mobile devices
  7. Integrate aspects that refer to the company logo for brand recognition
  8. Addressing directly to users without distraction

General Advantages:

  • Collecting essential information about users
  • The possibility of extending the website in the future by adding pages
  • Attracting customers from a marketing campaign
  • Increase awareness and traffic through SEO
  • Promotion strategy for a long time
  • Brand awareness and brand credibility
  • Contact potential customers and increase conversion rate
  • Landing page targeted to get an interested audience/leads
  • Modern design that appeals and inspires confidence in the offered services


With over 12 years of experience on the market, Outstand Safety Solutions comes to support customers with numerous services that focus on Health and Safety at Work. The company ensures the outsourcing of all adjacent services through the One Stop Shop concept. Outstand Safety Solution has full OHS and PSI attributions, consultancy for a special situation, representation to authorities and rapid implementation in compliance with applicable laws. Its extensive experience includes the management of more than 1,400 companies through which Outstand Safety Solution has proven its skill, dedication and high-quality service.

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