Plush Biocosmetics - Online Shop for Cosmetic Products

Online shop with custom design, optimized for mobile devices.

The website provides users a fully personalized and relevant experience, giving customers access to a variety of cosmetic products. The intuitive and user-friendly interface for the ecommerce platform provides direct and useful interaction and fast navigation.

It also includes a well-structured menu with products, information pages, photo gallery, login system or shopping cart. The website is an essential tool to promote the company and the beauty products that are on sale. Within the online shop, each item has a product page that includes instructions for their use, ingredients, effects, details and other useful information.

Also, the desired cosmetic products can be easily purchased from the product page through a simple ordering system, while users can also view suggested similar or additional products. The platform meets customers' requirements and automatically gives them recommendations to encourage them to buy other cosmetic products from the online shop.

Moreover, users can create an account on the website to view the orders they placed and have access to their purchase history or favourite cosmetics. The web platform lonked to the online store offers easy access to essential information and beauty products, customized email, automatically sent to both the customer and the administrator, billing system, as well as card payment through very secure methods.

Technical specifications:

  1. Development and implementation of custom responsive design
  2. Unlimited number of categories, products, information pages
  3. Dedicated and optimized page for each product with details presentation, ordering system, suggested similar products, additional products
  4. Shopping cart integration
  5. Account for personal data management, record and history of orders placed
  6. Quick search system for products and information
  7. Courier integration (DHL and GLS) enabling AWB creation
  8. Contact form
  9. Automatic invoicing system by sending the invoice by email and the possibility to download it from the customer account
  10. Card payment system implementation (Netopia- Mobilpay)
  11. Customized email sent automatically by the system when a new order has been placed

General advantages:

  • User-friendly interface to add, modify or delete products quickly
  • Multilingual system (Romanian/English)
  • Dynamic elements and videos
  • Secure connection and privacy guaranteed, GDPR module integration, cookies page (with the possibility to disable certain tracking options),terms and conditions, newsletter subscription agreement request
  • Integration buttons to social media
  • Excellent brand visibility
  • Users save more time when shopping online
  • Direct interaction with potential customers
  •  Ability of the online shop to increase brand loyalty
  • Extended opportunity to sell products


Plush Biocosmetics is a Romanian company that creates dermocosmetic products for the most demanding people and the most sensitive skin types. Through its website and online shop, the company comes to the customers with special cosmetic products that offer energy and pure nourishment to the skin, right from the heart of nature. The ingredients used have a high degree of pharmaceutical purity, the respect for the consumer and the environment being very important to Plush Biocosmetics.

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