Plush BIO - Mobile App for Cosmetics and Custom Skincare Routines

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Ingenious mobile app developed  for facilitating permanent connection to the most innovative products and technologies in the cosmetics industry. By using Plush Bio App, customers are able to provide certain information and a picture of their skin, and based on this information they will receive a custom routine related to their daily skin care.

The system includes a custom design, developed and implemented by our team. Within the mobile application, there are pages with details about cosmetic products, a quick order system, the option to suggest similar products, a shopping cart and a card payment system, with card data stored via MobilPay.

The app works on an account basis, giving each customer the possibility to fill in a survey to get the care routine. More precisely, on the mobile app is a button that opens the phone's camera; the user takes a photo of their skin, after which they will answer a series of questions, resulting in a personalized plan based on recommended cosmetic products. The application offers the possibility of setting and displaying the following information in the product listing and product page: Pre-order, Coming soon or Timer. For orders placed from outside the country, payment is made in advance and there is only the possibility to pay by credit card for purchased cosmetic products.

Technical specifications:

  1. Custom mobile app design;
  2. Implementation of product search system and information pages;
  3. Account system;
  4. Shopping cart implementation;
  5. Contact form;
  6. Card payment system with data storage via MobilPay;
  7. Development of mobile application sections, according to the Plush Biocosmetics website menu;
  8. Product page with details of the cosmetics sold, quick order system, suggestion of similar products;
  9. Mandatory check selection with agreement before launching the order;
  10. Display of the following information in the product listing and product page: Pre-order, Coming soon, Timer.

General advantages:

  • Buttons to social media;
  • Quiz mode to get your skin care routine;
  • GLS and DHL courier integration;
  • Change message for courier depending on the selected country, with the related cost;
  • Login by email and password or via Facebook;
  • Possibility to add cosmetics to favourites;
  • Product filtering and sorting system;
  • Excellent brand visibility;
  • Extended marketing opportunity for cosmetics products.


Plush Biocosmetics is a Romanian company, ISO9001 and ISO22716 certified, that creates dermatocosmetic products. The company focuses on people with the most sensitive skin types, as well as all on those who face certain skin affections. Through its website and mobile app, Plush Biocosmetic is meeting customers with outstanding cosmetic products made from ingredients with a high degree of pharmaceutical purity.

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