Papico Delivery - Android and iOS Mobile Application for food delivery

Download the application for Android and iOS:

Android & iOS application created for a restaurant which delivers food to home.

This is structured in two parts, application for the customer and application dedicated to the supplier. The option for customer can be used by creating an account based on user and password, being mandatory to fill in the name, surname, email, phone number and password. It is also possible to authenticate via Facebook or Google. 

In client's application it is allowed to list the locations according to delivery radius, with the option to change the current position on the map, helpful thing if the user wants to order products from a restaurant located near the delivery address, different from current location. The system displays to customers the menu/products of the location, with photo gallery and detailed information about each product (name, ingredients, weight, price, photo). In some cases there are also different options regarding some of the restaurant's products, for example you can add a starting price and a price for each extra product added, such as pizza.

At the same time, the display of the "additional details" field is also valid, for situations in which the customer wants to make comments for products (allergies to certain ingredients, special preferences, etc.). Users can easily order their favorite foods through this application, especially since the system also integrates a module of hours and days for product availability (e.g. menu of the day, breakfast).

Order flow of this mobile application includes a few steps, namely:

  • Placing the order by the customer;
  • Taking over the order by the operator: validating the products (ready, unavailable or, as the case may be, replaced), changing the status of order (new order, taken over, being delivered, delivered or, only at the customer's telephone request, canceled);
  • Push notification at each status change, with the option to customize sent messages;
  • In case there is an integration with delivery application, the operator will request the delivery of one or more prepared orders, with the option to order them by distance, time of placing the order or manually;
  • Delivery and order completion.

There is a section in the mobile application dedicated to operators which includes the following functionalities: audible alert for new orders, printing the order form if the application is integrated with a Bluetooth printer and "Orders" module with the possibility to change the order's status and the ordered products. If the implementation with the Deliverer/Driver application is available, then the operator can select several orders for delivery, he has the possibility to view orders being delivered and the driver on the map, to manage products (product activation/deactivation and modification price), ETA and ETD.

Regarding the application dedicated to the deliverer, there is a maximum number of deliverers that can be online in the same time. They can be logged in with username and password, their accounts being created by the administrator. Among the functionalities available in the delivery module are pop-up new order or grouping of orders, displaying the new order notification over any other open application and delivery order statuses (new order - pending, order in progress-pick-up, order in progress-delivery, order completed, order canceled by the operator before pick-up, order canceled by supplier due to customer's fault). The driver can easily view details of order taken: order ID, route (pick-up - drop-off), delivery points, information on delivery address, order type, value, refund/POS, "Call customer" button, additional details added by operator, the "Navigation" option with opening in Google Maps or Waze.

The deliverer receives push notifications from administrator, which will be displayed in the mobile application. Also, he benefits from an icon for quick opening of application and from an order history (listing of completed orders, value to be collected for the races made, viewing  per current/previous week).

Technical specifications:

  1. Customer application and delivery application;
  2. Create account with username and password or via Facebook/Google;
  3. Password regeneration;
  4. Listing menu categories, listing products (picture, name, short description, price) and listing subcategories, if applicable;
  5. The option to search for products and list the results;
  6. Hours and days (M-S) product availability (menu of the day, breakfast, etc.);
  7. Setting dishes/drinks included in the menu;
  8. The possibility to add variations for each dish, at the same price or at an additional cost;
  9. Summarizing the dishes chosen by user before placing the order;
  10. Setting a product as main dish and the option to add variations for it;
  11. Integration buttons to social media and link to website;
  12. Limiting types of products that can be added to the cart;
  13. Adding products to the cart only from a single location (restaurant/shop/supermarket);
  14. The "Cancel order" option available for user only if the order has not been taken over by operator;
  15. Listing completed orders and view their details;
  16. Adding address taken from Google Maps, and mention additional information such as block, staircase, floor, apartment, intercom.

General advantages:

  • Restaurant photo gallery, description, contact details (navigation to the location and "Call" option);
  • The possibility to add additional comments for products (e.g. ingredient allergy, special preferences, etc.);
  • Highlighting low prices in red;
  • Different delivery methods (order picking, home delivery);
  • Making secure payments through the application;
  • Monitoring and tracking the delivery of order in real time;
  • Granting loyalty points that customers can use later;
  • Saving products as favorites;
  • GDPR agreement: Privacy policy, Terms and conditions and, if applicable, Marketing information;
  • Adding menu in PDF version;
  • Mention the work schedule of the restaurant and the time in which orders can be placed;
  • Delivery radius (configurable number of kilometers);
  • Add/edit/delete product or order quantity;
  • Multiple payment methods (Cash/POS/Card);
  • Granting vouchers: percentage, value or free delivery;
  • Push-up and pop-up notifications in application;
  • "Recommend to friends" section in the mobile application;
  •  Save addresses in the application: at home, at the office, others.


Life should be delicious, that's why Papico Delivery welcomes customers with an ingenious mobile application that facilitates the ordering and delivery of food.


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