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Online platform with betting agencies and gambling tips

Website presentation

The website, together with all of its sections dedicated to sports betting events is the most important community of online gamblers in Romania, including in its content pages with predictions, tips, specialized agencies and discussion forum on various topics from the field. By association with different sports betting agencies, the platform offers the possibility of registration and online betting directly from the website.

The XFactorApp team is in charge with website's maintenance, having under management all the components and sections of the online platform and the user's interface.

General advantages:

-user-friendly design, intuitive, with structured information that is easy to follow by the visitors

-optimal integration and compatibility with mobile devices, repositioning elements according to the resolution of the display

- optimization of the website's loading speed for a better rank in search engines

- social networks integration

Technical specifications:

- interconnectivity of the intern forum as a special section in the site with thousands of topics and posts;

- internal system of user accounts;

- search system in the content of the website;

- newsletter mode and database with e-mail addresses of the subscribers;

- integrating offers and registration systems in the online platforms of sport betting agencies;

- blog -like section with articles and current news from the field

- automatically generated page with betting tips suggested by specialists

- dedicated page for betting tickets where the users can post their latest winning bets

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