Non-Stop Podgoria Arad - Mobile App for ordering foodstuffs from the Supermarket

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Ingenious mobile app developed for users to order foodstufs from the supermarket. More precisely, it works as a 24/7 shop where customers have 24/7 access to the products they are looking for. In order to use the app, users can create an account or login with Facebook, Google or Apple.

The phone number is mandatory for validating the account and modifying personal data, when necessary. A photo gallery and descriptions are available on the supermarket screen and optionally other information such as phone number, website or PDF menu may be added.

The products are listed in the application by category (food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, gifts, personal hygiene, household, tobacco, miscellaneous and offers), each of them includes other subcategories, in otder to facilitate consumer shopping. Customers have the possibility to filter the products by category, but they can also search for products by keywords. Customers can also mark certain foods as favourites, with the option to add them to their shopping cart.

Each product uploaded to the app has a picture, name, short description, weight or price. The product page makes it easy for users to select the quantity they want and provides quick buttons to add the product to their favourites or shopping cart. Within the application, customers can check the products placed in the shopping cart, have the option to edit the quantity ordered or delete products from the shopping cart. They can also view the order status, which will be updated by the supermarket by changeing the order status in the web application.

In terms of order delivery, customers can choose home delivery, as well as the pit-stop option, meaning that the products are packed and the consumer has only to come and pick them up personally from the supermarket. The app offers to its users an order history, the possibility to add discount vouchers when the store has certain promotional offers, as well as the closed/open display to inform customers if they can place an order.

If the supermarket is closed, then the user will add the products to the shopping cart and will be able to place the order after opening hours. Furthermore, the supermarket will take orders within a configurable distance from the administration panel, as the system requires access to identify the users location.

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation with username and password or login via Facebook, Google, Apple;
  2. User account: first and last name, picture, phone number, option to change password, profile settings, addresses, vouchers, useful information and logout;
  3. Reset password option;
  4. GDPR module - consent to the collection of personal data and Terms and Conditions of use of the application;
  5. Supermarket menu listed in the form of product categories;
  6. Each product has a picture, name, price, weight and a short description;
  7. Shopping cart: listing of products added to the shopping cart, possibility to delete certain products or edit the quantity ordered;
  8. Order in progress section that allows the user to view the status of the order;
  9. Call button displayed when the order is in progress;
  10. Order history and the option to reorder a previous order;
  11. Configurable field in the administration panel of the application for taking orders;
  12. Condition for maximum weight of the shopping cart/maximum number of products ordered;
  13. Free delivery for a minimum amount, a maximum number of kilos or depending on distance.

General advantages:

  • Filter products by category;
  • Search products by keywords;
  • Add products as favourites, with the option to add them to your shopping cart;
  • Multiple payment methods;
  • Standard delivery or personal pick-up;
  • Addresses: address selection, integration with Google Maps, add additional fields (block, staircase, apartment, door intercom, save addresses;
  • Push notifications: order is in process of delivery, final order value or unsold products;
  • Add discount voucher for promotional offers;
  • Individual voucher allocated by the administrator;
  • Onboarding voucher, applicable to the user's first order;
  • Order history: list of orders, view order details;
  • Share application button


Liderpan Sweet company comes to meet the needs of customers in Arad with a modern application through which they can order the desired foodstuffs from Non-Stop Podgoria supermarket. In this way, consumers have the possibility to check the list of products directly from the comfort of their home and order the necessary products in a very short time and effortlessly.

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