Network of online stores - ATVROM

Online store network for recreational vehicles.

ATVROM company owns a large number of sites, based on different scripts, hard to manage.
For this reason we completed a project to combine all these sites into a single platform, able to manage an unlimited number of sites. Our system allows unification of all products in a single base, allowing their differentiation at all levels: site, language, currency, price, promotions, description, etc.
The major advantage of this system is that you can manage a large number of sites by entering the information once and separate it only when needed. Also, the system allows unified management of all orders, differentiated access rights depending on each employee and continuous development.

General advantages:

- The possibility of centrally managing all online stores;
- Offer accounting applications;
- Statistics platform can be accessed from any device with Internet access;
- Intuitive and easy to use by all members of the company, who benefits from a training period;

Technical specifications:

Platform management site shows a number of features applicable to a variety of market areas of services:
- Fast and efficient system for taking orders;
- The possibility of introducing content in multiple languages;
- The possibility of customization taxes and prices of products;
- Secure section of centralization of invoices and receipts;
- Automatic transmission of information / statistics to the administrator`s e-mail;
- Employees can receive different levels of access;
- Generating reports and statistics in real time for both clients and beneficiaries;
- Billing system for clients;
- Real-time access to order history;
- Import data from other customer sites;

Client presentation:

ATVROM is the main importer of ATVs, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles in Romania, distributing products of leading brands in the industry.
Through a large number of online shops, company becomes one of the largest distributors of ATVs in the country, commercializing products on all platforms in the online promotion.

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