myinfoBand - Web platform for purchasing medical bracelets and managing medical records

An essential tool for direct communication, the platform has a modern and intuitive interface, being interconnected with the myInfoBand Android and iOS mobile app, through which medical data can be managed. With the multi-user interface and roles, the system offers access to personal and medical information that is uploaded and accessed differently online in/from personal accounts and can be useful in certain crisis situations, such as medical emergencies, accidents, etc.

By using a support device, a bracelet with a QR code for identification, the application allows access to all data about the owner. The myInfoBand ecosystem is a real help for paramedical and medical staff from the health system, who need to know the most detailed information as quickly as possible about the people they provide medical assistance. In turn, users can ensure that they receive appropriate treatments and interventions, even in situations when they cannot communicate.

The dashboard is user-friendly and allows good indexing in Google. With a complex structure, the website integrates many important elements, but it has a simple interface, with information pages, an authentication system, a shopping basket, and useful links for downloading the application. Once the myInfoBand account is created, personal and medical details can be filled in, meaning some summary data that can be publicly visible in case of an emergency, as well as detailed information that will be accessible to emergency medical staff, the family doctor or other people who have the account and a role in the application.

Bracelets can be purchased from the E-shop mode of the online store, as well as packages and subscriptions associated with the user profile. Users can select the size and color of the bracelet, but also the number of pieces, and add their preferences to their favorites. The allocation of ordered products for the profiles in the application is done by defining a single owner. Regardless of the number of bracelets ordered, they can only be assigned to one profile. Efficient interconnection of the web platform with the E-shop mode and the mobile application provides easy access to products and essential information and goes to lead generation.

Technical specifications:

  1. Executing and implementing customized, responsive design;
  2. Creating the account or registering system through Facebook;
  3. The e-Shop mode (online store);
  4. List of product types (categories), dynamic QR: picture, name, description, optional (colors and sizes);
  5. Shopping basket integrated;
  6. A dedicated and optimized page for each product presenting details, description, photos, available sizes, price, and order system;
  7. Product stock (In stock/Pre-order) which will influence the delivery time for the entire order;
  8. Select bracelet size and color, number of pieces, and the "Add to favorites" option;
  9. Payment method selection (refund/with the card in the application).


  • Account for managing personal data, records, and history of orders made;
  • Multilingual system (Romanian/English);
  • Integrating buttons to social networks;
  • Automatic issuance of the fiscal invoice for card payment and the pro forma invoice for cash on delivery payment;
  • Automatic email transmission with information about order;
  • Direct interaction with potential clients;
  • Extended opportunity to sell products;
  • Excellent visibility of the brand;
  • Secure connection and guaranteed confidentiality, integration of the GDPR module, cookies page (with the possibility of deactivating certain tracking options), terms and conditions.


Guardian Angel is a social enterprise that provides services and products for information and medical education, health, and wellness. Through continuous development, the company strives to solve as many social-medical problems as possible for disadvantaged or vulnerable communities and groups. The principles by which Guardian Angel is guided are, among others, solidarity and collective responsibility, the priority given to the individual, or the reduction of risks for people in crisis/emergency situations.

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