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In the ever-evolving digital era, technology and medicine collaborate to bring significant innovations into our daily lives. One of these remarkable innovations is Med Anima, a revolutionary mobile application that promises to redefine how patients interact with the healthcare system.

With Med Anima, there's no longer a need to spend hours waiting on the phone or physically waiting at the doctor's office. This innovative platform provides access to a wide range of medical services and simplifies the appointment scheduling process for consultations, tests, or interventions.

This application not only streamlines the scheduling process but also facilitates efficient communication between patients and healthcare professionals. From creating an account and searching for services to making quick appointments and efficiently managing personal data, Med Anima proves to be an innovative solution for your healthcare needs.

As a result, access to medical services becomes simpler and more efficient, allowing patients to easily find the right doctor and schedule consultations, tests, or interventions.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Personalized Experience: The application's homepage offers a personalized experience. Here, users can view available medical services and articles/news in the medical field, all in an intuitive manner. The keyword search function allows users to quickly find the information they need.
  2. Easy and Quick Appointments: One of the core features of Med Anima is the option to schedule appointments. Users can select their desired specialization, required service, and preferred location (Iasi or Virtual Clinic). Additionally, the application offers the option to choose a preferred doctor (optional), appointment start date, and desired time.
  3. Articles and Advanced Filtering: The application presents informative articles with the ability to filter by categories of interest or perform keyword searches to find desired information.
  4. Doctor Reviews: Users can explore the list of available doctors, viewing relevant information such as specialty, rating, number of reviews, and anonymous patient comments. They can also request appointments directly from the chosen doctor's profile.
  5. Facilitated Communication: Users have the option to engage in real-time chat with specialists or doctors through the in-app chat feature. Efficient Management: The Med Anima application offers rapid management of consultations and appointments for doctors. Users receive real-time notifications with updates on future appointments.
  6. Personalized Settings and Account: Users can personalize their accounts by adding personal information, a profile picture, and details such as ID number, location, and phone number. The application also allows for changing the password and the consent for "Marketing Notifications," as well as account deletion, providing users with full control over their data.

General Advantages:

  • Easy and Convenient Access: Med Anima allows for account creation using an email and password or through Facebook and Google accounts, ensuring a simple and quick registration process for users.
  • Variety of Payment Methods: Med Anima facilitates the payment process by offering various options such as cash, card payments, or reimbursement through the Health Insurance Fund (CAS). Card payments are secure and quick, with users redirected to Mobilpay to add cards, which will be stored in the application for future transactions.
  • Useful Information and Real-Time Updates: Users can access detailed information about offered medical services, including photos, descriptions, prices, and, if applicable, explanatory videos. They can also schedule consultations directly from the desired service's presentation page.


Med Anima brings innovation to the healthcare field, simplifying the scheduling process and facilitating efficient communication between patients and healthcare professionals. With features like personalized appointments, detailed information about medical services, and efficient appointment management, Med Anima aims to provide an all-in-one solution for patients and doctors, revolutionizing how they interact with the healthcare system.

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