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Mobile Android & iOS application specially designed to streamline the activity of the taxi service. It includes an ordering system similar to Clever Taxi, and through it, customers can quickly and easily request a taxi.

The application finds a free car in less than one minute, offers the possibility of automatic localization of the drivers and defining the route to the point of takeover and destination. Orders are displayed even if the system is running in the background, and the client can chat with the driver in the active command. This intelligent online taxi application is careful with user time and comes with a service where they can easily create an account for managing favorite addresses, contacts, images, or favorite drivers.

The system allows you to log in via Facebook, launch the direct order from the map and automatically select the location. It also provides user notifications when the taxi reaches the place for picking up. The app integrates an acceptance module for customers from the list of drivers who accepted the order. As the beneficiary desires transparency and respects his customers' opinions, the application includes a driver review system. The system brings many advantages to the taxi company and it works permanently to cover transport needs in Bucharest and Ilfov.

The mobile app includes dispatcher on the web to manage all data and information about drivers, customers, orders or tariffs.


  1. Similar app to Clever Taxi/Start Taxi
  2. Automated localization of driver's
  3. Setting the route in the application to the pickup point, and destination
  4. Real-time chat system between customer and driver
  5. Creating a user account and managing data
  6. Launch the order from the map and automatically choose the location
  7. Customer notification when the car reaches the pickup place
  8. Managing driver's data (car, indicative, tariff, picture, transport documents)
  9. Limiting the range of receiving orders based to proximity
  10. API interconnection between dispatcher, driver application and client application


  • Viewing orders even if the application runs in the background
  • A dispatcher on the web for managing orders, drivers, customers and differentiated prices on partners
  • Sending details of active order to client and driver (estimated arrival time, price, indicative, picture, rating)
  • Login via Facebook
  • Drivers review system
  • Increase performance through automated activity
  • Privacy of personal data
  • Eliminate the risk of losing orders
  • Total control and real-time action
  • App available in the App Store and Play Store


Best Taxi Titan is a worthy company offering high-quality transport services. When it comes to honoring orders the company first pay attention to quality and seriousness to accomplish the customers' needs with a simple and useful taxi application. Over the years, Best Taxi Titan has grown by carefully selecting collaborators who represent the company's image, modernizing work processes, and doing business in accordance with the rules of good behavior.

To ensure day-to-day performance, Best Taxi Titan focuses on customer favorable experiences and driver training to meet safety and comfort conditions.

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