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Taxi TTX is an ingenious mobile app specially designed for lightening the interaction between the taxi company and all the people who need fast transport.

It offers an ordering system through stations that display the demand as a priority for the first drivers answering the requests. The app locates automatically the drives and configures the route in the system to the point of pick-up and destination. Drives are automatically located and then is configured a route in the system to the point where the client must be taken and his destination. Users have the opportunity to log in through the social network or they can create an account for managing personal data, such as favorite addresses, contact information, image or favorite drivers.

The TTX Taxi limits the area of receiving the order according to proximity and offers the option of launching the request from the integrated map, as well as the automatic selection of location. This app offers the client all the details about his active order, like estimated time of arrival, price, indicative, picture or rating and notifies him when the taxi arrives at the pickup place.

Also, the system has a module for driver reviews. This modern technological tool integrates a web-based dispatcher for managing orders, drivers, customers, and differentiated prices depending on partners. It has a panic button that provides the location of a driver in danger and includes a special map that includes blocks and the number of streets.

Taxi TTX app is one of the most accessible options for ordering a taxi online, it emphasizes comfort and safety, offers full control over the entire road, flexibility and constant interaction with customers.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Configuring the route in the application to the pick-up point and the client's destination
  2. Automatic driver location
  3. Ordering system through stations and displaying requests as a priority
  4. Managing drivers’ information (car, indicative, tariff, picture, transport documents)
  5. System for the administration of orders, drivers, customers, and differentiated rates according to partners
  6. Connection with the telephone exchange (when the receiver is picked up, the number is intercepted with the history of past orders and new requests can be allocated)
  7. Customer acceptance system from the list of drivers who took the order
  8. API interconnectivity between dispatcher, driver application and client application
  9. Limiting the area of receiving an order according to proximity
  10. Driver or customer ban system no longer use the application
  11. Integration of a special map that includes blocks and the number of streets


  1. User's ability to launch the order directly from the map
  2. Automatic selection of the client's location
  3. Transmission of the details about the active order to the driver and beneficiary
  4. Client notification when the taxi arrives at the pick-up point
  5. Driver review system
  6. Log in through Facebook or create a user account with a password
  7. Managing favorite addresses, contact details, pictures, and favorite drivers
  8. Real-time messaging between the driver and client after the order has been taken
  9. Panic button for transmitting the location of a driver in danger


Taxi TTX is a taxi company that helps its clients to travel quickly and safely. It provides services to high standards and supports beneficiaries with an ingenious, extremely useful application. The company emphasizes quality and seriousness to fulfill orders and focuses its attention on the permanent satisfaction of its customers.

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