Mobile Application Overview:

"La Strada" is an application for taking and delivering food orders, a complex project consisting of three applications: web, mobile for clients and mobile for operators.

Unlike other similar applications, "La Strada" offers customer the opportunity to track agent's position in real-time on map, relative to the delivery location.

At the same time, besides these constant map updates, the client has permanent access to order status, delivery time, and receives phone alerts when the order arrives at his location.

The application runs on the main operating systems for mobile, Android and iOS.

As mentioned above, the application has been developed in three different directions with specific roles:

  1. Web application - Tehnical Specifications:

- product management mode;

- management of orders, customers and promotions;

- management of payment methods and customer locations;

- advanced reporting system for orders, operators and receipts.

        2. Mobile Application for Client - Technical Specifications:

- accounts system, for registration and authentication;

- application provides the ability to manage account details: profile information, phone number, delivery locations, etc.

- geolocation system allows the application to identify coordinates on the map to set up customer's delivery location;

- a menu which show products and categories, with selection and purchase option;

- possibility to select delivery location from a manageable list;

- real-time visualization of order status and sender's position on the map, according to Uber or taxi model;

        3. Mobile Application for Agent - Technical Specifications:

- the system developed within this application allows permanent monitoring of agent location;

- application shows the picked and untaken orders, to be managed by operators;

- the operator has the possibility to view all the details of an order and take it over, and the system will show him the map along with the route instructions;

- the coordinates of the operator's location are sent to customer who can track the position on the map in real time relative to delivery location.


"La Strada" is an important chain of restaurants in Norway that, from the need to facilitate customer ordering, has appealed over time to several online home delivery platforms. Finally, the most sustainable solution was to develop their own mobile application for delivery orders.

Customer feedback after collaboration with XFactorApp:

"Thank you for the great service you have provided us with this application created especially for our restaurant chain, for your promptness and for the professionalism with which you have worked from the beginning​. We've been in touch often by email, phone and Skype when we didn't have the chance to meet personally, and everything went according to my expectations. 

As you know, your team, X Factor App, has created an application that will be used in the three restaurants I own in Norway, and on this occasion your services will be promoted here as well. I want to thank Mrs. Ana-Maria Vasilescu, as Business Developer, Mr. Cristi Sterian, as Project Manager and the entire X Factor App team for collaboration and for the fact that they behaved irreproachable and promptly, every time we got in touch.

I decided to work with X Factor App after I received more recommendations. I know that I've take the best decision when I chose you because I'm very pleased with all of what we have achieved so far.

I am grateful for everything, I wish you all the best and good luck! "

Bogdan Ichim, General Manager "La Strada" Restaurant​

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