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Android & iOS mobile application specially designed to facilitate access to concierge services. It allows users to create an account and authentication is done according to the client code. Through this app, users benefit from specialized consulting and recommendations regarding lifestyle & wellness, tourism & events, home & administration, and medical recommendations.

This application offers access to the VIP service for the airport, the user can send a written request or call a consultant for more information about the concierge services he can benefit from or communicate his request directly.

With the Consiergo application, the user can easily find accommodation or transport services, tickets for theater, opera, sports matches or access to sold-out events. From last-minute bookings to restaurants around the world to renting private planes, yachts or organizing private parties, everything can be achieved through the application available 24/7. The client validation is done by the unique code of the bank, card or supplier. Through the application, the user tracks the status of the requests which shows when if the request was taken, which is the intermediate status, how it was solved, and at the end, the client can provide feedback.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Displaying the services the user benefits from (system for assigning negotiated services in CRM)
  2. Registration of the request
  3. Notifications regarding the status of the request and how it was solved
  4. History of requests
  5. Telephone contact with the concierge service
  6. A rating system, feedback related to the way of solving the requests
  7. Consiergo club
  8. Pages of texts and useful information
  9. System for tracking the status of requests
  10. Notification system for the users of the application
  11. GDPR agreement


  • Possibility of creating an account and user authentication by validation according to the client code
  • Recommendations from the concierge service
  • Commercial notifications regarding an event or the recommendations offered
  • Displaying the requested category with details and photos: Lifestyle & Wellness, Home & Administrative, Medical recommendations, Tourism & Events
  • Custom events
  • Find an ATM
  • Showing events that will take place in the next period, button recommendations for requesting the respective offer
  • Access to the VIP service for the airport
  • Multilingualism support
  • Custom design
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems


Consiergo is the only full-service concierge company in Romania with suppliers from all over the world and international expertise. The company benefits from a large portfolio of clients and more than 150 top suppliers operating in different areas. Consiergo offers exclusive services and personalized recommendations for over 15 years and for that enjoys the full appreciation of its clients.

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