Mobile Android Application and iOS Application for Apiary Administration - Matciselectionate.ro

Mobile Android Application and iOS Application for Apiary Administration - Matciselectionate.ro

Matci Selectionate provides the necessary tools for any beekeeper in administrating his own beehives.

Beekeepers can work without an internet connection, because they have a complex offline data synchronization system. Thus, they have the possibility to update the data when they want.

The only one in this domain at the time of development, the "Matciselectionate" application automates most of the beekeeping processes specific to a beekeeper. Through its modules, provides the ability to keep track of treatments, feedings or production. Once the information is centralized, it can be accessed later by QR code or NFC.

Technical specifications:

  • Records the apiary and keeps track of production, treatments and level of feeding;
  • Manages each hive and give the possibility to number the hives, to record births, bees breed and related typologies;
  • Provides the possibility of developing a hive rating system, and keep constant notes about hives ratings for different criteria;
  • User Authentication System and User Password;
  • Possibility to administer locations, hives or bee products;
  • The best rated hives are displayed on a hive selection page;
  • System of notes or observations for hives;
  • Alerts mode at a preset date, along with a message, for each hive;
  • Establishes relationships between hives, noting each one's origin and mating.


Matciselectionate.ro is a production and distribution company of apiaries, which, thanks to the high growth of workload and demand, has turned to a software solution for managing the work processes of a beekeeper. The application has recently entered into internal work of beneficiary and is gradually automating the company's workflow.

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