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Mobile App for listing ads in the area of house maintenance and repairs.

The system has a personalized design and a specially designed logo, in several variants. The Master of the House is intended for all people who are looking for a company, a builder, a craftman or an installer to solve certain problems related to the proper functioning of all elements in a house.

The account creation and authentication on the app can be done via email and password, but also via Facebook. On the user account can be added a picture and personal information (name, surname, phone number, email address), but there are also options for changing password, language, setting On / Off marketing information or adding ads to favorites.

On the main page of the app are listed the available categories of ads, each with picture / icon and name. The publication of the ads in the selected category is done by adding the picture, the title and the services provided. The ads page displays information such as a photo gallery, with the selection of an avatar, title, type, provider (PF or PJ), phone number, services provided or a short description.

At the same time, the administrators have the possibility to add promotion banners on the listing page, and their position will be displayed before the listing results. Optionally, the banner can also be displayed on the homepage. Within the app is also available a keyword search system, filtering according to certain set attributes and sorting alphabetically by company name.

Also, the app has the GDPR module implemented, meaning that the clients give their agreement for the processing of personal information, terms and conditions, but also the notification regarding marketing information when creating an account.

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation and authentication system via email and password or via Facebook
  2. User account with profile picture, name, personal information and options such as language change / password changing
  3. Whatsapp call button
  4. Listing ads by category
  5. Search, filter and sort results system
  6. Information pages with details about the app, terms and conditions of use, personal data processing policy
  7. Web application for mobile app management
  8. Mobile app user administration, role system and permissions
  9. 10. Interactive dashboard: number of Android users, number of iOS users, number of valid ads, list of the ads which will expire in 10 days. Ads management: add ad, package type selection (validity 30 or 60 days), price and status setting (paid / unpaid), option to extend the validity period

General advantages:

  • Custom design and logo creation
  • Possibility to add ads to favorites
  • Setting On / Off marketing information from user account
  • Add new advertise from the mobile app
  • System for adding promotional banners to the listing; they will have a fixed position and will be displayed before listing the results
  • Managing filter lists (predefined attributes)
  • Manage available packages for ads: name, monthly (30 days), price for each
  • Possibility to view in the dashboard the evolution of the number of users in a certain predefined period of time
  • Managing the content of informative pages
  • Efficient promotion of companies in the field of house maintenance and repairs, through the mobile app.


Mesterul Casei is an app specially designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for individuals or companies that provide various services in the area of house maintenance and repairs. With this system, craftsmen and companies in the field are also promoted, which manage to reach easier the final consumer.

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