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The Storelink App developed for Essa Group, has the role to facilitate the merchandising activity in an organized and automated way. Through this system can be reported in real time any stock problems or other issues that require attention to a particular brand.

When an employee check-in from a certain location, the app will provide the predefined tasks set by the manager, which can be performed very easily. The progress in the fulfillment of tasks can be tracked in real time. The system is so ingenious that it offers even offline support and provides to its users the possibility to use all the features of the app without internet, all while the synchronization is automatic. Moreover, the offline synchronization module of documents helps to keep records of the information without existing a risk of losing data.

This app is the ideal solution for tracking activity, working time and the work rules. It provides a fully digitized workflow for end-user agents, and also displays the daily plan, gradually completing the data and file upload. In terms of security, there are restrictions on the uploading files, being accepted only the photos that taken on the spot. On the Storelink app can be restricted the activity, depending on the real location given by GPS, being displayed and calculated the reactive statistics.

The system provides to its users a hierarchy of roles and access, real-time notifications and employee training based on quizzes, having a dynamic and lasting effect on any organization.

Technical specifications:

  1. Reporting in real-time any stock issues or other issues that require attention to the brand
  2. Possibility to check-in to a specific location
  3. After accessing a store and after the check-in, the users can start to solve the tasks set by their manager
  4. The progress in the fulfillment of tasks is tracked in real time
  5. An offline synchronization module of the documents
  6. The features of the app are available even without internet access
  7. Fully digitized workflow of end user agents: daily plan display, filling out data, file upload
  8. Activity restriction depending on the current location displayed on the GPS
  9. Possitions and access hierarchy, notifications in real-time and employee training using quizzes
  10. Calculate and display the reactive statistics

General advantages:

  • The merchandising activity is done in an organized and automated way
  • Keep a record of information, without the risk of losing data
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Restrictions when uploading files, only pictures taken on the spot are accepted
  • Active management of the workflow
  • Complete control over the general activity
  • Monitoring time compliance, tasks and work rules
  • Quick and easy storage of data in the app
  • Preventing errors and checking employee performance
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing costs


At our national level, Essa Group is one of the largest service providers operating through permanent and own structures. The company has been operating on the local market since 2004 and provides merchandising services, BTL programs and events, employment. Through the IT solutions developed, the organization is tracking in an efficient and automated way the activity of over 3,000 employees and collaborators, and succeeds in areas such as sales, marketing & trade.

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