MedistProg - Covid Testing Appointment Mobile App

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Android & iOS mobile application developed to facilitate programming for Covid tests.

This intuitive booking system is extremely useful for customers or company employees because it gives them the opportunity to choose the most suitable day in the calendar to go and test, depending on their availability. Moreover, the application sends notifications before scheduling to remind those scheduled of their reservation.

For using this app, users must create an account based on email and password. Once accessed the system, customers can easily add a new appointment to take a Covid test or for seeing the recent appointments. At the bottom, they have the menu, which includes modules - Home, Appointments, Information and My Account.

The appointment flow includes the following:

  • Select the day you want to go and test for Covid (only the days that still have seats available will be selected)
  • Select time slot for Covid test (only slots with available seats can be selected)
  • Saving the appointment you have done
  • Receiving an automatic email with the appointment data
  • Email notification 1 day before appointment
  • Push notification 1 hour before appointment
  • Seeing current appointments and the possibility to cancel the appointment with a certain time before scheduling
  • Viewing the history of appointments and their status, presented/not presented. In case the user does not show-up for testing, he will receive an automatic email informing him to cancel the appointment in advance next time.

The mobile application gives users access to personal data and account details that they have in the system, as well as the possibility to keep track of past tests with the related status.

Technical specifications:

  1. Preloader - a sequence of informative images, visible when the app is  downloaded for the first time
  2. Application menu: Home, Appointments, Information, My Account
  3. System account with user and password
  4. Required fields when creating the account: email, last name, first name, phone number and password
  5. Listing current appointments and scheduling history
  6. Personal data processing policy
  7. Terms and conditions for using the application
  8. Marketing information (optional)
  9. Information pages: about the application/company, frequently asked questions, GDPR policy, terms and conditions
  10. Option to request account deletion

General advantages:

  1. Automatically transmission of an email to confirm the account
  2. Password regeneration
  3. Possibility to edit all the information entered when creating the account
  4. Appointment history
  5. Keeping track of past testing with the related status
  6. Fast scheduling for Covid testing
  7. Permanent access to personal data and account details
  8. Push notifications


Medist is a company that is part of the Medist Group, founded in 1994. It provides top solutions for medical sector and is among the most important distributors of medical equipment in Romania. The experience gained over years translates into a successful business, but also through the desire to always provides customers with extremely useful services.

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