Maritec Auto - Online platform for renting and selling cars

An easy-to-manage online platform designed for renting and selling cars.

The system includes two main categories of ads, namely one for selling and another for renting vehicles. Listing of cars is made based on well-established rules, such as special offers, new cars, or recommended cars. All the ads can be easily identified by users with the help of a product and information search system.

At the same time, an attribute module has been implemented that allows searching for the desired car depending on the brand, model, power, color, year of production, number of kilometers, or other similar specifications. On the product page, users who access the platform can see a photo gallery of the targeted car, as well as all the all-important details regarding it. More than that, the potential customers will find on the platform a rate calculator helping them to create an opinion about the monthly rate, interest rate, or the total price that will be paid if they buy a vehicle by leasing. The online platform is well structured, divided into sections, and the content is fluid and easy for users to navigate.

Technical specifications:

  1. User-friendly administration panel that allows easy content management (text, video, and images);
  2. Product and information search system;
  3. Contact forms integrated (with taking over GDPR customer agreement);
  4. Installing a chat mode for real-time communication with customers;
  5. Call button available when the website is accessed from the mobile phone;
  6. Selection according to attributes (brand, model, year of production, fuel type, power, transmission, number of kilometers, price, interior exterior color, availability);
  7. Product page with photo gallery, name, price, and specific details regarding the listed car;
  8. Rate calculator on the product page;
  9. Sections to guide the user viewing as many products as possible (similar cars, recently added cars, special offers);
  10. Form for scheduling a visit in the showroom.

General advantages:

  • The platform with good indexing in Google, which allows optimization through SEO technique;
  • Multilingualism system (RO/EN);
  • Buttons to social networks;
  • Newsletter subscription system;
  • Search by keyword and results listing;
  • Selecting by price;
  • Map integrated into the contact page for easy identification of the company;
  • Compatibility with all browsers;
  • Constant promotion of the company and of car sales/rental announcements;
  • GDPR module (customer agreement for confidential data processing when sending programming requests or contact forms), cookies page (with the possibility of disabling certain tracking options), terms and conditions.


A professional second-hand car dealer, Maritec Auto offers customers a wide range of cars, at the highest standards and at good prices. The company welcomes those who need a car with beloved brands and an experience free of hidden costs when buying/renting cars.

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