Android & iOS mobile app developed to support customers who want to have very easy access to Mado restaurant's fast food menu.

In addition to presenting the menu, the app also offers to the users discounts or special offers. Consumers have the possibility to create an account based on username and password or they can login via Facebook, Google or Apple. They can also customize their account with their first and last name, profile picture, phone number and email. Within the personal account, customers have the option to change their password and to access useful information available in the application. The system was designed with the most useful features in the industry being a modern software product and very easy to use.

On the section dedicated to therestaurant is included a description, photo gallery, list of products, menus or offer and manageable discount voucher. Users also have the option to call or quickly navigate to the restaurant. The products can be filtered by category, and also searched in the app by using certain keywords to identify the desired meal in a very short time. On the product section, users will find a variety of information regarding the dishes on the restaurant's menu, such as picture, name, ingredients, options to choose from (e.g. pizza sizes), optional details (such as adding toppings) or a field for additional information where customers can mention certain preferences.

The registered users can easily share the app with their friends by simply sending the download link from Google Play or AppStore, depending on the phone of the person that will receive it. In addition, within the app customers can give an overall rating, a score from 1 to 5, by which they can evaluate the services offered by the restaurant, the food, the behavior of staff, etc..

Technical specifications:

  1. Account creation/login via Facebook, Google, Apple login or user and password;
  2. User account: picture, first and last name, phone number, email;
  3. Option to reset the password;
  4. Possibility to call or navigate to the restaurant directly from the app;
  5. Listing products, menus or offers;
  6. Product search by keywords;
  7. GDPR module - consent to the collection of personal data and Terms and Conditions of use of the application;
  8. Essential information, picture and description for each product;
  9. Push notifications for discount vouchers given in promotional offers or for a new offer added in the promotions category;
  10. Manageable discount voucher.

General advantages:

  • Section for users' feedback and overall rating between 1-5;
  • Share application button;
  • Possibility for users to add products to favourites
  • Filter products by category;
  • On Restaurant's section is a photo gallery and a short description;
  • Sending email for resetting the password;
  • Increasing the restaurant's notoriety on the market;
  • Permanent promotion of the restaurant;
  • Easy user access to products and menu


The Mado Corporation story begins in 2000, when the first restaurant was opened in Iasi. Over time, the company has grown constantly and today, Mado restaurants counts 12 fast-food locations in some of the largest cities of the country, and the expansion is still continuing. Mado Corporation stands for a unique concept of authentic recipes, fresh products, top quality ingredients and great taste offered to customers in a high food safety system.

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