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IOS & Android App is developed for the users of ridesharing services. It provides the possibility to quickly register to the system via Facebook or to create a separate account based on email and password. The phone number is verified via a SMS. In the user account can be performed various actions, such as changing or viewing the picture, the name, the phone number or the email, cards administration or the history.

The referral system is also available for users. It involves sharing a reference code to acquaintances, so when another user creates an account using the received code, both the one who shared the code and the one who created the new account will receive a voucher. Also, the users have the possibility to set their favorite addresses, to see on the map the nearby drivers or to have access to the order history with the all the details displayed, and also the possibility to download the invoice.

The control system requires a mandatory selection of the destination, and then the order will be displayed to several drivers. From the moment when the first driver confirmed the order, it will take 15 seconds to be chosen the nearest driver from those who accepted the ride. In order to estimate the cost and time of arrival at the final destination, it’s used an algorithm that takes into account the initial charge, time charge, price per kilometer, the minimum price of a ride and the rate for night.

The app provides to its users the MobilPay payment processor. After the users register a credit card, they will be able to pay the value of the rides using it. The system also provides the Family / Business option, through which a customer can pay for other users who have been invited to use the platform on his account. Users have the possibility to choose a route with stopovers, meaning that at the time of ordering are chosen several destinations, and the system will calculate the price accordingly.

The option of scheduling rides at a certain date and time is also available. The system will automatically place an order within a few minutes before the intended time and will notify the customer about the scheduling status.

The drivers can access the application by creating an account, where they have to upload their documents (the driver attestation, the driving license, the registration certificate, the Identity Card, the insurance, the vignette, by specifying their expiration date), then they will receive the validation from the dispatch. The system alerts the administrators and the drivers when the documents are about to expire, and also it is able to block the assignment of orders if the information is not valid. The order can be taken by pressing a button corresponding to the estimated time of arrival to the customer.

Same as for the passengers, the drivers have the possibility to check in the application the history of the orders, the value of the ride with and without the commission or the rating received. The system allows the configuration of a commission that will be taken over automatically at the end of the ride. The app can be configured to bann automatically the drivers, depending on the number of canceled orders or negative reviews received in a certain period of time.

The web application of administering the mobile app provides the possibility to import data about drivers, vehicles and prices, through a file. The accounts newly created by the drivers and the documents uploaded by them can be viewed and approved.

The system provides support for differentiated prices per vehicle or type of order, for the orders placed by the dispatch or those given by corporate customers. The app provides reports with the number of orders, the value of rides and commissions. The partners have a panel where they can see detailed information limited to their own fleet or they can add drivers.


Technical specifications:

  1. Register / Login via Email or via Facebook for users
  2. Validation of phone number via SMS
  3. The user account has features such as: editing and viewing the picture, name, phone, email, card administration, ride history, reference code
  4. Drivers can create their own accounts from the application, upload documents and receive the validation from the dispatch
  5. The referral system for recommending the application rewards the users with vouchers for the received references
  6. Order history with route view, final rate, payment method, invoice download and driver’s rating
  7. Control system for selecting the destination and displaying the order of several drivers, respectively choosing the nearest driver from those who accepted the ride
  8. Multiple services: All, Leone Go, Taxi, Leone Select
  9. Real time passenger / driver chat during the ride
  10. Chat for the driver, including the support team
  11. Billing system for completed rides
  12. Features for the passenger’s route with scheduled stopovers and orders
  13. Import through a file database related to drivers, vehicles, prices, for the web administration of the app

General advantages:

  • The customer has the option to save an address as the favorite one and will be easier to order a ride to the respective location
  • To estimate the cost and the time of arrival at the final destination, it’s used an algorithm that takes into account different costs, depending on the category
  • Generate order confirmation via email and invoice
  • Credit card registration in the application and payment through MobilPay
  • A user can pay for a Family / Business group of people
  • Status of the driver: Available / Unavailable
  • Customer notification, such as "I have arrived", the customer receives an alert on the screen and a notification in the alert bar
  • Support for driver fees and automatic penalty
  • Display new order pop-up over any other application (Android)
  • Support for differentiated prices and orders placed by dispatch / corporate clients for the web administration application
  • Predefined with an interactive dashboard
  • Panel for partners where they can see detailed information limited to their own fleet, can add drivers
  • View and approve new accounts from the web administration application, see reports of the number of orders, value of the rides, value of the commissions.


LeoneGo has been operating in the field of authorized passenger transport since 2000. The company aims to offer to the customers and drivers the best services through the ridesharing app.

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